Holy Spirit, hi. Please help me express your heart and longing to be known for who you are, to vocalize here the very heart of your longing to unveil yourself to your people. Speak through me Lord, I yield to your leading mighty precious loving wonderful One.

Earlier this very evening during a conversation where Holy Spirit was being discussed, I saw the reality of God’s heart in longing to be known and loved for who He is.  I saw inside of myself Jesus Christ playing seek and find with us! I saw Him hiding behind a long curtain, I could not see He was there, but I saw the bottom portion of his robe sticking out from the curtain, it was as if He wanted to be certain He was found and not bypassed.

He showed me, inside of me, His hiding Himself behind a big chair and I couldn’t see Him but I could see the top of His head so I quickly could find Him.  He is really good at finding me wherever I hide and He is also easily found when I look for Him. He is so much fun to be with, He is my favorite person ever, my everything, I love you my Jesus!!

Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly at that moment, “People say they know me, but they don’t. They have no idea who I am,” I cried. I couldn’t help it, I was undone. I felt His heart, the pain He feels knowing how much He loves us and how much He longs to lavish His great love upon us and His pain when we push Him away. I hear Him now speaking;

“If you knew how much I love you and forgive you, if you knew how I am truly not angry with you, if you knew the depth of my longing to restore you, to kiss you to life, to breath into you once again my breath causing my life to spring up within you driving death out of your lands, to capture your heart and eyes, to demonstrate myself strong on your behalf, how I just want to spend time with you talking about any and everything, you would not push me away. I am not mad at you! It hurts me so to see you struggle needlessly in pain when I AM right here. I AM right here for you, reach for me, I AM right here, I love you.  Call upon me, I will answer you, I will save you, I will help you, I will unveil my nature to you personally, you are welcome to come know me intimately. I want to share myself with you, I will never push you away, I love you.”

Jeremiah 29:13 (KJV)

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

#readyornothereIcome! 🙂

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