One Inch of Glory

I was deep in worship lying on the floor at a service when, suddenly, I was caught up to heaven. I found myself instantly at the entrance of heaven, just inside it’s front gate. Everything is alive and filled with God’s glory in heaven!! Every single thing is alive, there is no death in heaven, no death anywhere!!! Death does not exist there at all!! Glory to God!!

The life and glory of God is e v e r y w h e r e, it is in every single everything!

I just literally entered through the front gate and was so struck by the power and presence of the life and glory of Jesus Christ, I fell to my knees and then onto my hands as well in awestruck wonder. The tangible power of the life and glory of God is so overwhelming, there are not enough words in all the languages in the earth combined to begin to even try to adequately describe its intensity. The life and glory of God has a sound, I felt His heartbeat. It was wild, crazy, intoxicating, blitzed by the life and glory of God all around me, in me. The frequency of the life of God is immeasurable. No one, nothing, no devil, no man can stand against the Lord God Almighty, no thing, He is the Greater One, beside Him there is no other, NO other. Jesus Christ is Lord, period.  How we don’t want to miss heaven! We don’t want to ever miss heaven!!

As I was on my hands and knees, my eyes fell onto a one-inch square of the floor of heaven right under me. My eyes locked on this one-inch tiny square of the floor of heaven. I was completely undone at that very moment as I realized the very flooring in heaven is alive with the life and glory of God! Not only is the floor of heaven made of pure gold, it is alive gold, living gold, filled with the life and glory of God gold!! I was so hit by the living power of God at that precise moment I thought I would become completely unglued. I was stuck there, staring at the floor of heaven, a one-inch square, screaming with utter joy, trying to grasp the reality that every single square inch of the flooring in heaven is alive with the life and glory of God!! There is so much life and glory of God in everything!! That is all just a one one-inch square of heaven!  I can’t imagine grasping the volume of life and glory of God existing in two inches of the flooring of heaven, oh my gosh how we so need glorified bodies to withstand His glory!!  And yet, how He loves us so!! Us!!! He loves us!! He wants us!! The living God who created every single thing loves us!!  He wants us there with Him forever!!

I have no idea how, because I had no strength to stand in and of myself, I found myself standing at the front of this crowd of beings, angelic hosts. They were all different sizes, some were small, others larger.  As I looked, one angelic host’s head alone was so large it could fill an entire room with just his head, these are massive beings.

I realized as I stared at these varying in size fantastic incredible angelic hosts of heaven, they were each positioned in a lunging position, facing the same direction, all eyes fixed, bodies positioned in a ready stance, still, focused on one thing and one thing alone, the One who sits on the throne.  I followed their gaze to the left of me and there sat King Jesus, oh His majesty, His beauty!!! All eyes in heaven are fixed on the One who paid it all!!

I felt such joy I began to dance and leap on what looked like to be a walkway between the throne and the angelic hosts. I unzipped myself and began stepping out of my earth suit.  That is the only way to describe it, I was desperate to climb out of my earth suit!

Suddenly, the angelic host whose head is as big as the room I’m in right now, took his hand and gently pushed me to the side, without taking his eyes off the Lamb of God.  I knew immediately that I was in the way of their gazes, and that no one, no thing, stands in the way of all eyes being on Jesus Christ! All glory belongs to Jesus Christ, He alone is worthy! The focus of the angelic hosts on the King was amazing, it was as if they were staring at His face without blinking, waiting to be commanded. It was if they could not wait to be commanded and to instantly obey and to go do exactly what He told them to do.

I then found myself back at the one-inch square of living gold flooring only this time, I was sitting upright on the floor, in a straddle position with long bars of living weighty gold glory in front of me. I was instantly hungry to eat the long bars of living weighty gold glory, I could not chew and swallow them fast enough, so instead of eating them with my mouth, I opened up my neck, I did! With my left hand, I opened the bottom of my neck and held it out and open, and with my right hand, I began to shove one after another of the long bars of living weighty gold glory into my being, I can’t count how many I dropped inside of me but it was a lot. I never wanted to stop being filled with His glory, I just wanted to stay there receiving more and more of the life and glory of God.  I felt such hunger, to be filled with more. I just want more of all things Jesus Christ!  I cry out oh Lord for the more even this very moment!!

I now know that there is an inexhaustible amount of God’s life and glory available to us!!! We can be filled with as much as we want!!! We have access to everything in Him!! We have full access, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, to the Kingdom of heaven, without limit!! He never says that’s enough, you’ve had too much of me, stop taking it, there’s not enough.  NEVER EVER EVER!  THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH OF HIM FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ON THE ENTIRE PLANET EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ALL MANKIND OR FOR THOSE YET TO COME!!  THERE IS MORE OF THE LIFE AND GLORY OF GOD FOR US, THERE IS MORE!! All of it, everything He has and is, He has given to us, it is our’s for the taking!! All that He is, He has poured out for us, He gave us Himself!  It is His joy to give us of Himself, He loves us so so much!! It is His pure joy, His great great pleasure to give us the Kingdom!! Take it! Receive Jesus Christ!! Here, take Him!! Take it!! Take the more!!

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