My Heart’s Forever

The place I belong is before You Lord and You alone.  I realize that the beginning of my existence is found in You alone and when these moments here cease, the remainder of my existence for eternity remains found in You alone.  I stand before You exposed and unashamed because of Your great love for me.  

I thank You for Your long suffering and ever earnest willingness to help me see everything is summed up within You my Lord Jesus Christ.  I can do no thing apart from You, I mess it all up, everything! I look back at my life and its choices, and all I can see is Your love making everything turn for good, I am amazed at Your abilities to right everything I have done that isn’t right.

Thank You for Your love for me in that when I am ashamed before man by their doing or by my own doing, You unshame me in the light of Your love, grace, mercy and demonstration of Your heart towards me.  I am undone by Your love.  I am drowning in the sea of Your glory and I am powerless against its force and movements.  It is overtaking me and all that I am belongs to You.

I come into Your throne room to just stare at Your beauty, to tell You what I’ve done or what has happened and how sorry I am and as I tell You things, I find myself lying across Your lap as a child would, and You gently shake Your leg like I did with my children when they were young playing with them making them giggle, and here, at my age, You do that to me.  I find myself too giggling and smiling happily noticing that all that was hurting my heart and feelings disappears in Your presence.  You remind me all is forgiven and washed away by Your blood and that I am Your’s now and forever.  As You play with me, I am lost in Your glory and nothing else matters, all of it fades away into the melody of Your love song that Your heart releases into me.  I hear every note of Your song resonating within my being, each note striking new life within every recess and realm inside of me.

My God, I am so in love with You.  I belong before You and to You alone, then, now and forever, I am in my place in the Kingdom, before You Mighty One in all the heavens and the earth.  I am complete in You and You alone.  You are my strength, my sword….

You, my precious God, are my heart’s forever. 

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