He is my life!

Spending time in the presence of Jesus Christ is my only source of strength, He is my very life. All that I am and all that I am not disappears as He envelopes me in His beautiful beauty and love. I need You Lord.

Last night, I laid before our God, alone, in one of my secret places, in a heap of tears and pain. I cried. I cried so hard I could not breathe. I was a total snotting mess before the Lord. Jesus watched me, He listened to me as I wept before Him, pouring out my hurt, my anger, frustration and judgments hurled with accusations at myself, others and at the enemy. He is a very good listener. He waited until I finished and I had nothing left to say. Quietly, I sat up and blew my nose, a lot.

Jesus spoke His word to me. I so love when He speaks His word into my innermost being. He spoke Colossians 3:4 (KJV), He said:
“When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory. ”

I eventually laid back down and repented as the Holy Spirit instructed me to do so directly to the Lord about all this stuff going on inside of me, I needed to repent! Suddenly, a very large angel of the Lord appeared with a flashing light white sword. He took my words and was gone in less than a nanosecond. I watched the angel of the Lord take my words, I watched my words go with the angel. I am still processing the reality that I physically watched an angel of the Lord enter the room I was in and then take my words, all together at once, in one word heap somehow, and quickly leave at like super-speed. He came for my words! I found myself quickly trying to remember exactly what words He was taking and I was thinking oh no! I hope they were good words to be brought to the Lord! I couldn’t remember what the words I spoke were because they were gone with the angel. I had nothing else to say at that point but to listen to Him.

Then, I felt joy bubbling up inside of me, I thought about the scripture verse Jesus spoke to me, even speaking it aloud and listening to Him….When Christ who is our life….Yes Lord! You alone are our life, you are my life! When you appear, then shall I also appear with you in glory! He was showing me that when He appears, as He is my life, when He appears, I also appear with Him in glory. I don’t know how to explain this revelation in English! It was so powerful and filled with truth nuggets inside of me, I committed that moment of revelation inside of me so I never forget it. Suddenly Jesus appeared and I was with Him in glory! I entered into that scripture instantly with the Lord. It came alive and I walked into that very verse with Jesus Himself.

Jesus is so beautiful oh my gosh! He exudes pure raw beauty, His presence, it is all encompassing, it pours out of Him in mass quantities, it is all encompassing, it envelopes entering into every part of one’s being, into one’s soul, spirit, the atmosphere changes into pure peace, the glory presence of my God! It is perfect peace, sounds are different, hearing is different in the presence of God, all I hear are the sounds of heaven. Pure ecstasy. The very room turned to varying shades of aqua blues, I heard the waters of life, I saw their reflection on the ceiling, the walls. It is so beautiful.

He is so handsome, He is perfectly perfect. He smiled at me and with such grace and ease, smoothness, He extended His hand towards me and said, “Come with me.” I reached for His hand and instantly all pain, sorrow, sighing, anger, was gone. I am forgiven and much loved! He brought me to this open doorway into another room area, standing outside with me in the open doorway, He said to me, “You are being given new wine skin.” He handed me this thick silver goblet thing, it was thick and weighty, rugged, not delicate, it looked cracked in places, it was rough, thick, weighty, stone-like in appearance, but yet not stone, and then He said “Here, have the new wine.” I took it from Him, I drank deeply from the cup of His hand.

As I drank, Jesus went into the room which was behind the open door we were standing in. He went in and to the right and sat down at a piano and began playing so beautifully! He is a really good piano player. The notes were alive, it was such a beautiful melody, not like we hear here, yet. The melody itself is alive. The piano was alive. Everything is alive in glory. Jesus was sharing with me how all the instruments worship Him and that He is very glad when He is able to play them. He shared how the wind instruments especially love to worship too. It was a delightful exchange with the Lord.

As I entered into the same room, suddenly, I became aware of something inside of me I did not want the Lord to see, I felt great concern He would see it and I just did not want Him to see it. I stood to the left of the piano and turned to face the Lord with my back to the wall behind me, Jesus smiled and continued playing without skipping a note. Suddenly, instantly, so fastly, whatever that was I did not want Jesus to see, was gone. Jesus kept playing the piano smiling at me without evidence of one concern! His facial expressions were so gloriously full of one expression, pure love! He smiled so wide and kept playing these living happy notes. He was moving His body to the varying notes being played, like slow movements to the beat. He is so relaxed!

I went to look for what it was inside of me that I did not want Jesus to see and it was gone! I could not find it anywhere, in His presence, it left just like that and I absolutely cannot remember what it even was! It was and is literally gone, as if it never existed.

Jesus then looked right into me, so kindly, so full of love, still playing the piano really really well. He said to me with such natural grace and ease,

“In me…..everything…..is okay.” Followed by more living piano notes with His really big smile beaming.

I repeated what He said verbatim inside of my being, “In me….everything….is okay.” I looked inside of me and every single thing within my entire being was and is okay!

I then smiled so wide laughing replying to my Jesus, “It really is!”

Love, a very happy me.

#Jesusismylife #ohthatJesusisyourlifetoo! <3

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