Glory Fire Oil

Holy Ghost, open our eyes and ears that we may see and hear what you are doing and saying in Jesus name.

One moment as I was deep in worship in a service, I entered into a room that was empty without lighting.  I felt expectancy that my King was coming, my precious Holy Spirit would come to spend time with me, so I waited.

Suddenly, Jesus Christ was there.  His tangible presence entered the room.  I felt the wind of His presence.  As I close my eyes writing this, I am right there again with the Living God. I love you my God, you are so beautiful and wonderful!!

He became pure fire.  The walls began to reflect His flames, the lighting in the room became the reflection of the colors of the fire He was and is. As I stood in His presence all around me, I felt Him begin to work inside of me. He began changing my candle wick carefully, I felt this thick white weighty costly wick being placed gently but firmly into my spirit. It was pure, holy, costly, weighty, such as I never knew existed!! I watched in wonder.  I saw His hands maneuvering within me, His placement of this thick wick was exactly where He wanted it to be placed.  I felt such peace, such love.

He then slowly and skillfully filled me with fresh oil, He poured fresh oil into me, such as cannot be bought or even found anywhere on the face of the entire earth, it is His oil.  He filled me with His golden glory fire oil allowing my wick to soak in His glory fire oil until it became saturated and then He poured in more.

The lighting in the room continued to emanate solely from His flames. He stepped back and then reached toward me and set my candle wick on fire. He fanned the fire within me until it burned strong, smooth, steady, one continuous long unending burn.  When the flame was steady, I watched Him seal my lamp closed.  He retreated from the room and I stood there alone burning for the one I love.  I could now only see this single burning flame within me, it’s flickering now reflecting off the walls, floor, ceiling, beautiful colors of warmth and His glory, the darkness became light around me.  I physically felt the length and width of the flame burning within me. I felt it’s movement as it burned,  it felt like living fire. The darkness around me was illuminated in the golden hues of His glory fire burn.

Holy Spirit then reminded me of Psalms 18:28 KJV:

“For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”

and NKJV reads:

“For You will light my lamp; The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”








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