Flowers for Jesus

Glory realms are increasing in intensity, I surrender oh Lord, I surrender to you, all of me, surrenders to all of you, oh my God!

I am currently engulfed in the beautiful sweet powerful fire presence of God where I am right now, have some!! Here, take it!! Holy Spirit reminded me of a very precious moment with Him and asked me to share it right now, so I said yes Lord, I will! So I am.

In one moment of worship of my King, I found myself standing on a pathway in glory with green grass everywhere around me filled with living flowers of all sizes.  The flowers were see through in color and fragrant, purples, blues, long green stems, so beautiful and alive, yet so clear.

I was on my way to see Jesus, oh how I felt such joy!!! I felt an immediate intense desire to bring Jesus flowers, I wanted to see Jesus and to give Him flowers! No sooner did I desire that, the living flowers all around me began to leap into my arms right up from the ground! Flowers leap because nothing is plucked in heaven!

The living flowers were laughing and crying out “Take me! Take me! Take me to see Jesus! I want to see Jesus!” The living flowers could not wait to be gifted to Jesus!  I was laughing so hard with sheer joy as both my arms were being filled with untold numbers of living laughing leaping flowers longing for the Lord!

#saythatfivetimessuperfast ~ living laughing leaping flowers longing for the Lord! Ha!

#Jesusismyhappy 🔥



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