My Heart’s Forever

The place I belong is before You Lord and You alone.  I realize that the beginning of my existence is found in You alone and when these moments here cease, the remainder of my existence for eternity remains found in You alone.  I stand before You exposed and unashamed because of Your great love for me.  

I thank You for Your long suffering and ever earnest willingness to help me see everything is summed up within You my Lord Jesus Christ.  I can do no thing apart from You, I mess it all up, everything! I look back at my life and its choices, and all I can see is Your love making everything turn for good, I am amazed at Your abilities to right everything I have done that isn’t right.

Thank You for Your love for me in that when I am ashamed before man by their doing or by my own doing, You unshame me in the light of Your love, grace, mercy and demonstration of Your heart towards me.  I am undone by Your love.  I am drowning in the sea of Your glory and I am powerless against its force and movements.  It is overtaking me and all that I am belongs to You.

I come into Your throne room to just stare at Your beauty, to tell You what I’ve done or what has happened and how sorry I am and as I tell You things, I find myself lying across Your lap as a child would, and You gently shake Your leg like I did with my children when they were young playing with them making them giggle, and here, at my age, You do that to me.  I find myself too giggling and smiling happily noticing that all that was hurting my heart and feelings disappears in Your presence.  You remind me all is forgiven and washed away by Your blood and that I am Your’s now and forever.  As You play with me, I am lost in Your glory and nothing else matters, all of it fades away into the melody of Your love song that Your heart releases into me.  I hear every note of Your song resonating within my being, each note striking new life within every recess and realm inside of me.

My God, I am so in love with You.  I belong before You and to You alone, then, now and forever, I am in my place in the Kingdom, before You Mighty One in all the heavens and the earth.  I am complete in You and You alone.  You are my strength, my sword….

You, my precious God, are my heart’s forever. 

Flowers for Jesus

Glory realms are increasing in intensity, I surrender oh Lord, I surrender to you, all of me, surrenders to all of you, oh my God!

I am currently engulfed in the beautiful sweet powerful fire presence of God where I am right now, have some!! Here, take it!! Holy Spirit reminded me of a very precious moment with Him and asked me to share it right now, so I said yes Lord, I will! So I am.

In one moment of worship of my King, I found myself standing on a pathway in glory with green grass everywhere around me filled with living flowers of all sizes.  The flowers were see through in color and fragrant, purples, blues, long green stems, so beautiful and alive, yet so clear.

I was on my way to see Jesus, oh how I felt such joy!!! I felt an immediate intense desire to bring Jesus flowers, I wanted to see Jesus and to give Him flowers! No sooner did I desire that, the living flowers all around me began to leap into my arms right up from the ground! Flowers leap because nothing is plucked in heaven!

The living flowers were laughing and crying out “Take me! Take me! Take me to see Jesus! I want to see Jesus!” The living flowers could not wait to be gifted to Jesus!  I was laughing so hard with sheer joy as both my arms were being filled with untold numbers of living laughing leaping flowers longing for the Lord!

#saythatfivetimessuperfast ~ living laughing leaping flowers longing for the Lord! Ha!

#Jesusismyhappy 🔥



Jan’s Words

Today,  I experienced several encounters in glory, oh my goodness, how exciting! Please enjoy this one moment with me! It was absolutely wonderful – Lord give each of us revelation!

I found myself in this beautiful pleasant field, pretty grass, expansive blue sky, soft colors, I was struck by its pleasantness.  I looked and I saw my precious beautiful friend, Jan’s words! I was so surprised and filled with joy!  Her words are all over the place in heaven and they are alive!  I saw her words, “the words of Jan” as I call them or “the words of exacto-knife Prophet Jan,” doing many many things in heaven!  Her words are all over the place, so many! Her words are in constant motion, moving, they are working, they are accomplishing many things!

I saw with my own eyes that her very words are alive, in many colors, sizes, shapes, weights, densities, volumes, seasons, decorative, creative, artistic, loving, singing, resonating with intricacies of dance and flowing movements, filled with hope, laughter, purpose and correction.  There are words in varying fonts, some are written in cursive, other words are in different languages, and also in tongues!  I saw words that looked like tiny baby Lilly of the Valley’s spread everywhere.

Many words consist of forgiveness too!  In the midst of the fields of Jan’s words, I saw purpose being fulfilled.  I saw living words of directives and decrees.  I saw judgments, I saw fire, swirly happy things, I saw blessings, I saw words like candy that are pleasant to the hearer, words that are flavorful like bubble gum, sticky and words that need to be contemplated and chewed on to extract their full flavor.  Jan’s words are fruitful and many words have fruit growing inside of them to yet be birthed.  There are very powerful fruits and some fruit is so precious and I found them well, super cute, like little bananas hanging off different letters, little red berries, and grapes.  Many grapes are being cultivated in her words.  There is also a lot of seasoning inside many, many words, some spicy, some salty, and many are filled with grace.  Her words are also very fragrant with varying scents and textures.  The fragrance of roses was very noticeable.

Gardens exist, in heaven, of Jan’s living words filled with living fruit.  Many of her words are also free range just accomplishing what they were spoken for in many specific places but then also like being spread out like wild flower seeds, just bursting forth good things wherever each word lands.  It is absolutely amazing, incredible and joy-filled to witness!  Jan, your words are alive in heaven and they are releasing life and still working to this day!!  What also stood out to me is that Jan’s living words knew me, they recognized me.  Her words turned to look at me and they waved hello to me.  I waved back and said “hello Jan’s words!”  We smiled at each other and her words did not skip one beat in what they were doing, they just continued doing what is they were spoken to do.  I was filled with such happiness and laughter that her living words recognized me and knew who I was because she and I, we speak often, I love her so.  I realized then that my words are too alive in heaven. I inquired in my heart, Lord, do my living words recognize Jan’s words?  Do our words know each other in heaven?  Are they accomplishing things together?

His response was “Yes, your words know each other and they recognize each other a lot because you both come in agreement in the name of Jesus often for many spoken things under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  You issue decrees together, you pray together, you speak the word together and all you both have spoken is alive in heaven accomplishing what the words were sent forth to accomplish both individually and jointly.”  I stood there processing that for a considerable length of time and am still processing that even as I type.

I understood then, in glory, that when a prophetic word or utterance is released, when a prayer is released, when even an idle word is spoken, that word has gone forth and is alive in heaven and just because someone does not see the manifestation of that word immediately, that does not mean it is not going to occur, it is simply being planted, cultivated, and prepared for harvest in its season, birthed in the heavens first to then manifest here in the earth.

We must understand that our words carry weight, the word of God is filled with multiple scriptures about the power of our words.  We even speak forth the issues of our heart. God framed the worlds with His word! What worlds are our words forming? What does your world look like? What have we been speaking over ourselves and others?

Holy Spirit reminded me of Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it, shall eat the fruit thereof.” (KJV)





Holy Spirit, hi. Please help me express your heart and longing to be known for who you are, to vocalize here the very heart of your longing to unveil yourself to your people. Speak through me Lord, I yield to your leading mighty precious loving wonderful One.

Earlier this very evening during a conversation where Holy Spirit was being discussed, I saw the reality of God’s heart in longing to be known and loved for who He is.  I saw inside of myself Jesus Christ playing seek and find with us! I saw Him hiding behind a long curtain, I could not see He was there, but I saw the bottom portion of his robe sticking out from the curtain, it was as if He wanted to be certain He was found and not bypassed.

He showed me, inside of me, His hiding Himself behind a big chair and I couldn’t see Him but I could see the top of His head so I quickly could find Him.  He is really good at finding me wherever I hide and He is also easily found when I look for Him. He is so much fun to be with, He is my favorite person ever, my everything, I love you my Jesus!!

Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly at that moment, “People say they know me, but they don’t. They have no idea who I am,” I cried. I couldn’t help it, I was undone. I felt His heart, the pain He feels knowing how much He loves us and how much He longs to lavish His great love upon us and His pain when we push Him away. I hear Him now speaking;

“If you knew how much I love you and forgive you, if you knew how I am truly not angry with you, if you knew the depth of my longing to restore you, to kiss you to life, to breath into you once again my breath causing my life to spring up within you driving death out of your lands, to capture your heart and eyes, to demonstrate myself strong on your behalf, how I just want to spend time with you talking about any and everything, you would not push me away. I am not mad at you! It hurts me so to see you struggle needlessly in pain when I AM right here. I AM right here for you, reach for me, I AM right here, I love you.  Call upon me, I will answer you, I will save you, I will help you, I will unveil my nature to you personally, you are welcome to come know me intimately. I want to share myself with you, I will never push you away, I love you.”

Jeremiah 29:13 (KJV)

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

#readyornothereIcome! 🙂

Glory Fire Oil

Holy Ghost, open our eyes and ears that we may see and hear what you are doing and saying in Jesus name.

One moment as I was deep in worship in a service, I entered into a room that was empty without lighting.  I felt expectancy that my King was coming, my precious Holy Spirit would come to spend time with me, so I waited.

Suddenly, Jesus Christ was there.  His tangible presence entered the room.  I felt the wind of His presence.  As I close my eyes writing this, I am right there again with the Living God. I love you my God, you are so beautiful and wonderful!!

He became pure fire.  The walls began to reflect His flames, the lighting in the room became the reflection of the colors of the fire He was and is. As I stood in His presence all around me, I felt Him begin to work inside of me. He began changing my candle wick carefully, I felt this thick white weighty costly wick being placed gently but firmly into my spirit. It was pure, holy, costly, weighty, such as I never knew existed!! I watched in wonder.  I saw His hands maneuvering within me, His placement of this thick wick was exactly where He wanted it to be placed.  I felt such peace, such love.

He then slowly and skillfully filled me with fresh oil, He poured fresh oil into me, such as cannot be bought or even found anywhere on the face of the entire earth, it is His oil.  He filled me with His golden glory fire oil allowing my wick to soak in His glory fire oil until it became saturated and then He poured in more.

The lighting in the room continued to emanate solely from His flames. He stepped back and then reached toward me and set my candle wick on fire. He fanned the fire within me until it burned strong, smooth, steady, one continuous long unending burn.  When the flame was steady, I watched Him seal my lamp closed.  He retreated from the room and I stood there alone burning for the one I love.  I could now only see this single burning flame within me, it’s flickering now reflecting off the walls, floor, ceiling, beautiful colors of warmth and His glory, the darkness became light around me.  I physically felt the length and width of the flame burning within me. I felt it’s movement as it burned,  it felt like living fire. The darkness around me was illuminated in the golden hues of His glory fire burn.

Holy Spirit then reminded me of Psalms 18:28 KJV:

“For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”

and NKJV reads:

“For You will light my lamp; The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”








One Inch of Glory

I was deep in worship lying on the floor at a service when, suddenly, I was caught up to heaven. I found myself instantly at the entrance of heaven, just inside it’s front gate. Everything is alive and filled with God’s glory in heaven!! Every single thing is alive, there is no death in heaven, no death anywhere!!! Death does not exist there at all!! Glory to God!!

The life and glory of God is e v e r y w h e r e, it is in every single everything!

I just literally entered through the front gate and was so struck by the power and presence of the life and glory of Jesus Christ, I fell to my knees and then onto my hands as well in awestruck wonder. The tangible power of the life and glory of God is so overwhelming, there are not enough words in all the languages in the earth combined to begin to even try to adequately describe its intensity. The life and glory of God has a sound, I felt His heartbeat. It was wild, crazy, intoxicating, blitzed by the life and glory of God all around me, in me. The frequency of the life of God is immeasurable. No one, nothing, no devil, no man can stand against the Lord God Almighty, no thing, He is the Greater One, beside Him there is no other, NO other. Jesus Christ is Lord, period.  How we don’t want to miss heaven! We don’t want to ever miss heaven!!

As I was on my hands and knees, my eyes fell onto a one-inch square of the floor of heaven right under me. My eyes locked on this one-inch tiny square of the floor of heaven. I was completely undone at that very moment as I realized the very flooring in heaven is alive with the life and glory of God! Not only is the floor of heaven made of pure gold, it is alive gold, living gold, filled with the life and glory of God gold!! I was so hit by the living power of God at that precise moment I thought I would become completely unglued. I was stuck there, staring at the floor of heaven, a one-inch square, screaming with utter joy, trying to grasp the reality that every single square inch of the flooring in heaven is alive with the life and glory of God!! There is so much life and glory of God in everything!! That is all just a one one-inch square of heaven!  I can’t imagine grasping the volume of life and glory of God existing in two inches of the flooring of heaven, oh my gosh how we so need glorified bodies to withstand His glory!!  And yet, how He loves us so!! Us!!! He loves us!! He wants us!! The living God who created every single thing loves us!!  He wants us there with Him forever!!

I have no idea how, because I had no strength to stand in and of myself, I found myself standing at the front of this crowd of beings, angelic hosts. They were all different sizes, some were small, others larger.  As I looked, one angelic host’s head alone was so large it could fill an entire room with just his head, these are massive beings.

I realized as I stared at these varying in size fantastic incredible angelic hosts of heaven, they were each positioned in a lunging position, facing the same direction, all eyes fixed, bodies positioned in a ready stance, still, focused on one thing and one thing alone, the One who sits on the throne.  I followed their gaze to the left of me and there sat King Jesus, oh His majesty, His beauty!!! All eyes in heaven are fixed on the One who paid it all!!

I felt such joy I began to dance and leap on what looked like to be a walkway between the throne and the angelic hosts. I unzipped myself and began stepping out of my earth suit.  That is the only way to describe it, I was desperate to climb out of my earth suit!

Suddenly, the angelic host whose head is as big as the room I’m in right now, took his hand and gently pushed me to the side, without taking his eyes off the Lamb of God.  I knew immediately that I was in the way of their gazes, and that no one, no thing, stands in the way of all eyes being on Jesus Christ! All glory belongs to Jesus Christ, He alone is worthy! The focus of the angelic hosts on the King was amazing, it was as if they were staring at His face without blinking, waiting to be commanded. It was if they could not wait to be commanded and to instantly obey and to go do exactly what He told them to do.

I then found myself back at the one-inch square of living gold flooring only this time, I was sitting upright on the floor, in a straddle position with long bars of living weighty gold glory in front of me. I was instantly hungry to eat the long bars of living weighty gold glory, I could not chew and swallow them fast enough, so instead of eating them with my mouth, I opened up my neck, I did! With my left hand, I opened the bottom of my neck and held it out and open, and with my right hand, I began to shove one after another of the long bars of living weighty gold glory into my being, I can’t count how many I dropped inside of me but it was a lot. I never wanted to stop being filled with His glory, I just wanted to stay there receiving more and more of the life and glory of God.  I felt such hunger, to be filled with more. I just want more of all things Jesus Christ!  I cry out oh Lord for the more even this very moment!!

I now know that there is an inexhaustible amount of God’s life and glory available to us!!! We can be filled with as much as we want!!! We have access to everything in Him!! We have full access, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, to the Kingdom of heaven, without limit!! He never says that’s enough, you’ve had too much of me, stop taking it, there’s not enough.  NEVER EVER EVER!  THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH OF HIM FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ON THE ENTIRE PLANET EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ALL MANKIND OR FOR THOSE YET TO COME!!  THERE IS MORE OF THE LIFE AND GLORY OF GOD FOR US, THERE IS MORE!! All of it, everything He has and is, He has given to us, it is our’s for the taking!! All that He is, He has poured out for us, He gave us Himself!  It is His joy to give us of Himself, He loves us so so much!! It is His pure joy, His great great pleasure to give us the Kingdom!! Take it! Receive Jesus Christ!! Here, take Him!! Take it!! Take the more!!

#eatmoreglory 🔥




An Eagle’s Joy

Lord, I thank you that when I don’t know what to do, You are the wind in my sails, lifting my wings so that I can soar high, so that I can rise up higher with You, far above all circumstances, perceptions and principalities.  For it is in You and You alone that I find my peace, my strength, my hope and my joy, my freedom!

I will never forget when You came into my room at 6 a.m., one morning, and physically picked me up in your arms, and took me with you to the place where you set your eagles free.  I will never forget how You looked, the wonder of life in Your very eyes, the very essence of the breath of life in each frequency in Your vocals as You spoke to me, the power of life in Your laughter and the force of release in my life as You beckoned me to come look at what You were about to do.  I saw me, as a large eagle, standing on a wood log, like one would use to chop wood for firewood.  I was standing on the wood log, wings closed against my side.  I wore a metal band around my left foot.  It was small but large enough to keep me grounded.

I remember when You said to me, “Watch this.”  You approached the eagle and you simply and so easily, unclipped my left leg.  The metal band around my leg fell off of me and my wings instantly expanded and began to move, I began to rise up and I saw the expansion of my wings as I soared higher and higher.  I remember you Jesus, You stood there with Your hands cupped around your mouth as You began to shout with pure joy, “He whom I have set free, is free indeed!” Your voice became louder and louder with each shout of those very words, “He whom I have set free, is free indeed! He whom I have set free, is free indeed!” Oh Glory to God!!! You released me and set me free.  I will never forget the sounds of the laughter coming forth from You, it was bursting forth from deep inside of You, I could feel the sheer freedom and joy and holiness of this moment with You, Your laughter Jesus, echoed within my being.

My wings began to move faster and so elegantly, I remember watching them, in awe that my wingspan was so large, I had no idea.  I remember looking down at You as You were shouting up to me, “I love to set my people free! I love to set my people free, I will set you free over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  I love to set my people free! I do not have an issue with setting my people free over and over and over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE! IT IS MY JOY TO SET MY PEOPLE FREE EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER WITHOUT END, FOR I HAVE PAID THE PRICE TO SET YOU FREE, IT IS MY DELIGHT, IT IS MY JOY, IT IS MY PURE JOY TO SET YOU FREE, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE,  IT IS MY PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM!! I WILL SET YOU FREE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER! IT IS SO EASY FOR ME AND I DO NOT MIND, I PAID THE PRICE, IT IS SO EASY FOR ME TO SET YOU FREE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE!  I DO NOT HAVE ANY ISSUE WITH IT, RELIGIOUS DEVILS AND RELIGIOUS FOLK DO!” and then You were belly laughing with joy at releasing me to soar so very high, filled with pure joy and freedom and oh the very glory and love of Christ inside of my life, my heart, the fabric of who I am.  Oh Jesus, how I love You with all that I am, I cannot express to You how precious You are to me, my King, my Lord, my everything.  I treasure my deliverance and freedom! THANK YOU!

Then I remember You shouted to me, as I was soaring so high up in the heavens, I could hear you even from there, you were declaring to me “DO NOT EVER RETURN TO THIS PLACE OF CAPTIVITY, FOR YOU HAVE BEEN HELD HERE CAPTIVE SO LONG, IT HAS BECOME FAMILIAR TO YOU, DO NOT EVER RETURN TO THIS PLACE OF CAPTIVITY!!!”  You were so happy Jesus, so free, so beautiful and I was soaring so high and still am, because of You Lord! Yay me!!!

John 8:36 KJV  – “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

You alone Lord, have made me free, indeed.




Letting Him Lead

One moment, deep in worship, soaking and enjoying the presence of the Lord, I found myself in a large ice skating arena. It was a true ice skating rink. It felt chilly and I could see my breath with each exhale. I was wearing skates, standing in the middle of the rink. I was wearing a very pretty flowy skating outfit white in color.

I stood there looking around and as I looked up, I saw Jesus. He was sitting in the bleachers looking down at me. It was Him and me, alone. He too was wearing skating attire, it was dark in color. He smiled at me. I will never forget this. I smiled back and waved.

I looked around the place and I was alone in the middle of the ice skating rink. It was a very large surface of the smoothest ice, it looked like glass. The rink itself had walls that too were white in color. The walls of the skating rink itself were white and they were tall, very high up with windows at the very top.

I heard the soaking music, a single violin began to play a beautiful melody of love that was coming forth from inside of me. I always wanted to play the violin, but I do not, so during worship often I will enter into His presence with my entire being, as a violin, playing for the one I love, inside of my heart and soul.

As I heard the music, a single long note of the violin slowly began to play and I began to skate.  Each movement I made was in tune with the beautiful extended note. My skating became worship unto my King. Every movement, executed in love, for Him.

Jesus joined me on the ice, we became a pair facing one another. He has this way of speaking to me without saying one word. I heard Him speak in me, “Let me lead.”  We began to skate, the two of us across the ice to the sounds of the single violin playing a love song that was not only emanating from within me, but it was pouring through Him as well, I could hear the love song in me and around me. It was captivating, I was singing my love song to Him and He was singing His love song to me, but yet it was one violin note, one sound on a single violin.

We were two, skating in unison across the ice, like when one is watching pair skating.  I yielded to His leading, and I was resting against Him, leaning on Him, on His strength. He is really strong and actually, quite a good skater! I could see my white flowy skirt and His dark skating attire. I could see the two of us clearly as individuals. We began to spin, I seemed to step outside of myself and was able to watch the two of us from a short distance. We began spinning faster. I could see the two of us, distinctly Jesus, distinctly me. We were so close, spinning on the ice. I heard Him say, “Watch this!” I looked more intently and suddenly, the two of us became one, as we were spinning to the sound of the single violin playing, we spun and I blended into Him. We were spinning so close for quite a length of time then eventually, all I could see was Jesus Christ Himself, spinning so gloriously on the ice, it was effortless for Him and I was no longer visible, I was completely hidden in Him. It was a very powerful, revelatory encounter with the King of kings.

As I watched us spin into one, the Lord brought this scripture to me, “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” Colossians 3:3 (KJV)

I could not see me, there was no evidence I was ever there, on the ice with Him. We blended and became one, and all that remained visible, was Christ alone.




The Rock That is Higher Than I

Holy Spirit, I prophesy that you unfold your reality and truth into the core of everyone who reads these words in Jesus’ precious sweet name, may you, the reader, never be the same.

One day, I went for a walk and, suddenly, two angels appeared before me and took me to a place I could not get to had they not taken me.  One had red hair and the other, black hair. They surprised me and in the blink of an eye, I went with them, I was gone from the natural realm.

They brought me up to this magnificent place and then the two angels left. I don’t know where they went, but they were gone. I was alone, but the King of Glory, Jesus Christ, was there in His presence and spirit.  He was with me and I knew He was watching me.  He could see me!!!

I stood in a hidden place, a pavillion. It was high, high, high up in the heavens. It was so magnificent. It was huge, the floor was and is made of thick living rock, it looked beige in color, like light sand colored living rock.  The pavillion itself was round in shape, I knew that as standing there. There were no walls, it was open, to the heavens all around.

I thought of the scripture, Psalms 61:2 (KJV), “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” (Emphasis added.)  I knew I was on and in the rock that is higher than I.

Oh, His Majesty was and is there, oh, how He Himself was and is present there.  I could not see Him with my eyes yet, but all that is within me knew He was all around me, in me and through me. I was so happy, He is happiness and He is in happiness. Oh my God, my King, only You satisfy and are the way to life!! I stood in the place of the living rock, my being was standing on the living rock, it was and is so beautiful!

As I looked to my right in the center of this pavillion was this massive, massive, massive pillar made of the same living rock, it extended high, high, high up, it was thick, columnly like, thick in the middle, so thick, firmly fitted in the foundation of the rock, like it was one piece, the living rock I stood upon and the pillar were one.  It was an immovable pillar. I stood next to it and instantly leaned my entire being against it, hugging it, my arms spread wide against its width, nowhere near to its sides, I was small in comparison to its size, very small. It was filled with the life of God, it was alive.  I love all things God.

I thought of the scriptures, Matthew 7:24 and 25 (KJV), “Therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock; And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock.” And also Luke 6:48 (KJV), “He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock; and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it; for it was founded upon a rock.”

I am reflecting now that if I build my house upon the living rock (Jesus Christ) and His truth, His righteousness and nothing else when there is no storm, then should there ever be a storm trying to form, I will remain standing because my foundations are deeply rooted in His truth of His word, His love, protection, joy, mercy, grace, life, and all the promises that are mine!  That living rock is so much higher than any storm, it is solid and immovable.  It is a place of security and protection.

The peace of God reigns in this place.  The quietness and confidence of our God reigns in this place.  It’s as if the living rock pillar breathes the gentle breath of life!  There is only one long rose pink veil that hangs diagonally in the pavilion from so high up. It waves so delicately in the gentle winds of breath coming forth from the living rock pillar.  You can see through the veil, there is nothing hidden there, everything is open.  You can easily access either side of the veil, it is very beautiful and too, alive.

There is one living rock bench positioned in front of the living rock column pillar.  I sat down with my back towards the pillar. I sat alone, facing outward, in the presence of the living God, in the movement of the gentle breath of life coming forth from the living rock pillar.  I sat in total silence, in total stillness all around me except for the gentle breath of life coming forth from the living rock pillar. Oh my Jesus, how I love Your quietness, Your confidence! I do not know how long I sat there, but it was quite some time.

In this place, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me, His precious heart and His word.  As I continue visiting with Him in this place of intimacy, on and in the living rock, He continues unveiling progressive revelation of His word, His truth.  He is very passionate and very, very tender.  His heart is filled with great, great, great love for us and He is very sensitive and oh, so genuine.  When He says something, He means it!  He does not lie! He is very present emotionally.  I experienced and continue to experience His vulnerability to pain and disappointment. It hurts me so deeply when He is hurt.  It is crushing actually to feel His hurt.  Goodness Lord,  I am so sorry Lord Jesus for every single time I have ever hurt your feelings, every single time, Lord please forgive me, I’m so very sorry! I kiss your feelings my Jesus!!  My insides weep at the thought of ever causing You pain.  I so love You Lord.

As I sat there in total silence and stillness, He spoke to me.  The One who loves us spoke to me.  I heard Him although I did not yet see Him with my eyes.  He asked me in quiet seriousness, “What if this is it, what if this is all that there is?”  He continued, “What if this is all that ever exists for you with me now and for eternity, just you here, with nothing, not one thing, no one else, nothing, but me. Would I be enough for you Kari?”  I remained quiet hearing His questions again within me.  I heard Him, “Am I enough?” He asked.  I want to weep at remembering the seriousness of His questions to me.  Jesus help me continue!!  I knew these were serious questions, not to be answered lightly or quickly.  He was showing me things, of being alone with just Him and just me.  He continued asking me very serious questions about us being together that warranted a great pause and consideration before responding.

He shared again with me several stories about others He loves that once loved Him, but now, only care for the things added unto them and no longer seek Him first.  They have shifted from sons and daughters to hirelings and merchandisers.  He reminded me of the scripture, Matthew 6:33 (KJV) “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Those He discussed with me used to first seek His kingdom, everything was added unto them.  Everything became more important to them than Jesus.  Jesus was asking me genuinely, will I do the same thing to Him, will I forget Him too?  His feelings are so hurt, it is so painful to witness.  Jesus, I pray that I never do that to you Lord, please God!  After great thinking and seeing what His questions to me meant, I gave the Lord my response, my truth, my genuine answer.  I replied “Lord, You are enough.”  I meant it when I answered and I mean it right now.

Immediately, I found myself with the Lord Jesus Christ higher up than the pavilion, it looked like some type of lanai, or outdoor balcony area where He instantly brought me to Himself.  Jesus Christ stood next to me on my left side, I was leaning against His right shoulder and I stood there so close to Him, staring up into His beard and the profile of His face as He stared out into the heavens.  It was just Him and just me.  He said nothing, He did not need to.  I turned to look at the heavens with Him and leaned back against His chest, in His arms.  We stared for quite some time in silence at the colors splashed across the skies.

I never want to leave when I am with Him. I don’t know how I returned to here, but I did.  I returned right back to where I was walking when the two angels came to take me to Him as if I did not miss a step.  I reflected upon this encounter for a very long time in the privacy of my own heart.

His silence releases choruses of revelation and depths of truths and songs of beauty, unfolding wisdoms.  I feel strengthening inside.  I thought of Isaiah 30:15 (KJV), “… quietness and in confidence shall be your strength;…..” In His quietness and in His confidence, I am strong, that is where our strength lies, in Him and in Him alone.

Oh, the fire of the Living God, may it burn deep inside of you and me, forever flames of fire may we be for His glory everywhere we are in the earth.


















A God Who Sees

The Holy Ghost asked me to share four memories of how He manifested and broke through the supernatural realm into the natural realm to protect and deliver me during every day moments.  This is a bit different of a blog in that my heart was to share another supernatural moment with the King of Glory in glory, but He requested I share with you a few examples of His mighty power demonstrated here on earth, for me, so I am doing just that! In Jesus’ name, may you be touched and forever changed as you recall moments in your life of the reality that we have a God who sees.

I was approximately eight years old.  Our parents took my sister and me on vacation to Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania. On this particular day, our parents went golfing and left us together.  My sister is six years older than me.  She met a friend and we went bike riding through the hills near the waterfalls.  The only bike I had ridden up to that point had pedal brakes, I did not know how to use hand brakes and I was not aware this bike only had hand brakes.  My sister and friend were far ahead of me and I was alone, pedaling up this very high hill, it was difficult.  We were totally alone in the woods for quite some time, it was a long bike ride.  Not one car passed us since we began.  As I made it to the top of the hill, I could see the road before me that went downward and it was very steep and long.  I could see my sister and her friend in the distance already heading up the next hill.  There were no cars, no one else there, just me.  I felt very scared but I began to ride the bike downward on the mountain road, I was going so fast, too fast, and as I went to push the pedal brakes to slow down, the pedals went backwards all the way around and there were no brakes.  The bike speed increased and I lost control of the bike and I literally slammed bike and chin first into this massive tree.  I hit that tree with such force, I remember as writing this.  I hit the tree with my entire body, all my weight striking in my chin, into that tree.

Immediately, I physically fell backwards into the arms of the whitest haired man.  Blood was pouring out of my chin, I was covered in blood, I was completely limp, I remember, I had no strength in my body.  It was such a forced impact.  I was completely helpless.  The whitest haired man carried me to a gold four-door Cadillac.  It was a gold Cadillac!! I knew it was a Cadillac because my dad had the same car but not gold.  In the car, were two other people who had the whitest hair too.  The man who carried me, placed me in the back seat and sat next to me.  I held my chin in a cloth given to me in silence staring at them.  No one said a word, we drove in silence.  I was not paying attention to where we were going, I was just staring at these three whitest haired people while holding my chin in the cloth.  The car stopped and when I looked out the window, we were in front of a hospital emergency room.  The man who carried me, opened my door and helped me out of the car and stood me in front of the emergency room door.  When I turned around, the gold Cadillac and the white haired people were gone.  I do not know who contacted my parents or my sister or how they found me, but they did.  I received several stitches,

We have a God who sees.

I was eight months pregnant with my third child.  I was driving a minivan, with my two sons who were both under the age of four in their car seats.  I was stopped at a red light.  A vehicle was stopped for the red light coming in the opposite direction.  When the light turned green, I did not move.  I was unable to press on the gas pedal.  I sat there, the man in the vehicle opposite me also stayed stopped, he too did not cross the intersection. We both had a green light and the right of way.  Without warning, out of no where, a massive dump truck came barreling through the red light at the highest rate of speed, without regard for anything or anyone in its path.  Both myself and the driver opposite me, remained still.  I could see his mouth open and my mouth was open.  We had to wait for the next green light because we were both stunned.  Had I accelerated to go through the green light, I would have been killed as would have my unborn daughter, both sons, the other driver had he proceeded through the green light and I am certain the dump truck driver would have at least been severely injured,

We have a God who sees.

I was down the shore at Atlantic City with my three little ones, my daughter had to be about one year of age.  The boys were in the ocean swimming with a raft.  I was at the edge of the waves with my little one.  The current pulled the boys far out in the water, over a sand bar, they were being pulled out so far way, I could not see them well and I could not get to them. I could not leave my daughter alone.  I picked her up in one arm and anxiously walked into the waves up to my knees, yelling their names, waving with my free arm trying to get their attention.  I was so frightened, I could barely make a sound.  I was pacing, I had no idea what to do.  I prayed, “Jesus!”.  That was my prayer.  My sons were so far out on that raft that they looked like little pin heads against the horizon.  I stood there staring and helpless.  There were so many people on the beach, so many! So much activity and noise, it was so crowded.  I was with friends but they were off doing their thing somewhere that I remember.  I’m staring at my sons in the distance thinking, “Jesus help me.”  I could not think.  I literally did not know what to do.

Suddenly, a man appears between the two of them.  A man physically appeared between them.  They were so far out and he was only waist deep in the ocean.  He was in the middle of the raft, both arms on the raft steering it straight and walking straight.  In the Atlantic Ocean, you can’t walk straight or swim straight when the undertow is strong, or the current is strong, you have to swim across it.  This man was walking, waist deep, straight through the currents.  I stood there with my daughter in my one arm, free hand over my eyes blocking the sun, biting my lip, watching this man who appeared out of no where walking my sons on their raft into the shoreline.  He pushed them in straight in the current.  Both boys were looking up at him the entire time, just looking up at him.  As they got closer to me, the man locked eyes with me and just stared right into me and pushed my sons on the raft right up to where I was standing, both boys were thrilled to be back in the waves that they went and jumped back in them.  I did not have a chance to thank the man.  He turned to my left and walked away and as he did, he had a huge tattoo of a cross in flames down his entire back, and he turned quickly to look back at me and smiled and then disappeared into the crowd,

We have a God who sees.

My middle son was involved in a minor car accident with two of his friends as passengers.  I went to pick the three of them up and met the reporting officer as the three teens spilled out of the back of his car.  I had not met these two school friends before.  I pile the three of them into my SUV, my son up front and the two friends in the backseat.  It was raining hard, it was nighttime and dark, and it was so hard to see.  I was not in a familiar area and as it was raining, suddenly I hear the sounds of a loud train, one of the teens in the back asks me, “Hey, do you hear a train?” I responded, “Yes I do.”  At that moment, I felt a six-inch cushion next to my left side between me and the driver’s side door.  I began to say to the three teens “I have a six-inch cushion to the left of me, I have a six-inch cushion between me and the door.” I had no idea what was going on, I’m hearing a train, its raining so hard, I can’t see, I’m shaken a bit my son was involved in an accident and now I have a six-inch cushion next to me that I know is there but I can’t see it.  I ran a stop sign in the pouring rain.

Everything happened in such slow motion.  I looked to the left of me and my entire driver’s side window was in the middle of the left headlight of an 18-wheeler flatbed tow truck.  It was massive.  The headlight was in my window, so direct, I saw the beveled pattern of the glass, I saw the lightbulb filament, that was in the left front headlight of that truck.  The entire truck literally blew through my SUV like a hologram.  It went through us.  The truck literally went through us.  The one teen behind me began to yell over and over, “That was Jesus! Did you see that?! That was Jesus!” My son kept saying how he was never so close to death before, the other teen in the back was silent.  I pulled over on the side of the road, trying to use this moment to teach the teens about the reality of God’s word, that all I could think to say was, “Well, this is evidence of the scripture where it says nothing shall pluck us out of our Father’s hand before our time.”  But God! That truck would have impacted my vehicle with such force that I would have been killed, my son and two other families would have lost their boys, the truck driver and we would have taken out a bank that was located on the corner of the intersection because both vehicles no doubt would have been forced into it upon impact,

We have a God who sees.