A God Who Sees

The Holy Ghost asked me to share four memories of how He manifested and broke through the supernatural realm into the natural realm to protect and deliver me during every day moments.  This is a bit different of a blog in that my heart was to share another supernatural moment with the King of Glory in glory, but He requested I share with you a few examples of His mighty power demonstrated here on earth, for me, so I am doing just that! In Jesus’ name, may you be touched and forever changed as you recall moments in your life of the reality that we have a God who sees.

I was approximately eight years old.  Our parents took my sister and me on vacation to Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania. On this particular day, our parents went golfing and left us together.  My sister is six years older than me.  She met a friend and we went bike riding through the hills near the waterfalls.  The only bike I had ridden up to that point had pedal brakes, I did not know how to use hand brakes and I was not aware this bike only had hand brakes.  My sister and friend were far ahead of me and I was alone, pedaling up this very high hill, it was difficult.  We were totally alone in the woods for quite some time, it was a long bike ride.  Not one car passed us since we began.  As I made it to the top of the hill, I could see the road before me that went downward and it was very steep and long.  I could see my sister and her friend in the distance already heading up the next hill.  There were no cars, no one else there, just me.  I felt very scared but I began to ride the bike downward on the mountain road, I was going so fast, too fast, and as I went to push the pedal brakes to slow down, the pedals went backwards all the way around and there were no brakes.  The bike speed increased and I lost control of the bike and I literally slammed bike and chin first into this massive tree.  I hit that tree with such force, I remember as writing this.  I hit the tree with my entire body, all my weight striking in my chin, into that tree.

Immediately, I physically fell backwards into the arms of the whitest haired man.  Blood was pouring out of my chin, I was covered in blood, I was completely limp, I remember, I had no strength in my body.  It was such a forced impact.  I was completely helpless.  The whitest haired man carried me to a gold four-door Cadillac.  It was a gold Cadillac!! I knew it was a Cadillac because my dad had the same car but not gold.  In the car, were two other people who had the whitest hair too.  The man who carried me, placed me in the back seat and sat next to me.  I held my chin in a cloth given to me in silence staring at them.  No one said a word, we drove in silence.  I was not paying attention to where we were going, I was just staring at these three whitest haired people while holding my chin in the cloth.  The car stopped and when I looked out the window, we were in front of a hospital emergency room.  The man who carried me, opened my door and helped me out of the car and stood me in front of the emergency room door.  When I turned around, the gold Cadillac and the white haired people were gone.  I do not know who contacted my parents or my sister or how they found me, but they did.  I received several stitches,

We have a God who sees.

I was eight months pregnant with my third child.  I was driving a minivan, with my two sons who were both under the age of four in their car seats.  I was stopped at a red light.  A vehicle was stopped for the red light coming in the opposite direction.  When the light turned green, I did not move.  I was unable to press on the gas pedal.  I sat there, the man in the vehicle opposite me also stayed stopped, he too did not cross the intersection. We both had a green light and the right of way.  Without warning, out of no where, a massive dump truck came barreling through the red light at the highest rate of speed, without regard for anything or anyone in its path.  Both myself and the driver opposite me, remained still.  I could see his mouth open and my mouth was open.  We had to wait for the next green light because we were both stunned.  Had I accelerated to go through the green light, I would have been killed as would have my unborn daughter, both sons, the other driver had he proceeded through the green light and I am certain the dump truck driver would have at least been severely injured,

We have a God who sees.

I was down the shore at Atlantic City with my three little ones, my daughter had to be about one year of age.  The boys were in the ocean swimming with a raft.  I was at the edge of the waves with my little one.  The current pulled the boys far out in the water, over a sand bar, they were being pulled out so far way, I could not see them well and I could not get to them. I could not leave my daughter alone.  I picked her up in one arm and anxiously walked into the waves up to my knees, yelling their names, waving with my free arm trying to get their attention.  I was so frightened, I could barely make a sound.  I was pacing, I had no idea what to do.  I prayed, “Jesus!”.  That was my prayer.  My sons were so far out on that raft that they looked like little pin heads against the horizon.  I stood there staring and helpless.  There were so many people on the beach, so many! So much activity and noise, it was so crowded.  I was with friends but they were off doing their thing somewhere that I remember.  I’m staring at my sons in the distance thinking, “Jesus help me.”  I could not think.  I literally did not know what to do.

Suddenly, a man appears between the two of them.  A man physically appeared between them.  They were so far out and he was only waist deep in the ocean.  He was in the middle of the raft, both arms on the raft steering it straight and walking straight.  In the Atlantic Ocean, you can’t walk straight or swim straight when the undertow is strong, or the current is strong, you have to swim across it.  This man was walking, waist deep, straight through the currents.  I stood there with my daughter in my one arm, free hand over my eyes blocking the sun, biting my lip, watching this man who appeared out of no where walking my sons on their raft into the shoreline.  He pushed them in straight in the current.  Both boys were looking up at him the entire time, just looking up at him.  As they got closer to me, the man locked eyes with me and just stared right into me and pushed my sons on the raft right up to where I was standing, both boys were thrilled to be back in the waves that they went and jumped back in them.  I did not have a chance to thank the man.  He turned to my left and walked away and as he did, he had a huge tattoo of a cross in flames down his entire back, and he turned quickly to look back at me and smiled and then disappeared into the crowd,

We have a God who sees.

My middle son was involved in a minor car accident with two of his friends as passengers.  I went to pick the three of them up and met the reporting officer as the three teens spilled out of the back of his car.  I had not met these two school friends before.  I pile the three of them into my SUV, my son up front and the two friends in the backseat.  It was raining hard, it was nighttime and dark, and it was so hard to see.  I was not in a familiar area and as it was raining, suddenly I hear the sounds of a loud train, one of the teens in the back asks me, “Hey, do you hear a train?” I responded, “Yes I do.”  At that moment, I felt a six-inch cushion next to my left side between me and the driver’s side door.  I began to say to the three teens “I have a six-inch cushion to the left of me, I have a six-inch cushion between me and the door.” I had no idea what was going on, I’m hearing a train, its raining so hard, I can’t see, I’m shaken a bit my son was involved in an accident and now I have a six-inch cushion next to me that I know is there but I can’t see it.  I ran a stop sign in the pouring rain.

Everything happened in such slow motion.  I looked to the left of me and my entire driver’s side window was in the middle of the left headlight of an 18-wheeler flatbed tow truck.  It was massive.  The headlight was in my window, so direct, I saw the beveled pattern of the glass, I saw the lightbulb filament, that was in the left front headlight of that truck.  The entire truck literally blew through my SUV like a hologram.  It went through us.  The truck literally went through us.  The one teen behind me began to yell over and over, “That was Jesus! Did you see that?! That was Jesus!” My son kept saying how he was never so close to death before, the other teen in the back was silent.  I pulled over on the side of the road, trying to use this moment to teach the teens about the reality of God’s word, that all I could think to say was, “Well, this is evidence of the scripture where it says nothing shall pluck us out of our Father’s hand before our time.”  But God! That truck would have impacted my vehicle with such force that I would have been killed, my son and two other families would have lost their boys, the truck driver and we would have taken out a bank that was located on the corner of the intersection because both vehicles no doubt would have been forced into it upon impact,

We have a God who sees.















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