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Flowers for Jesus

Glory realms are increasing in intensity, I surrender oh Lord, I surrender to you, all of me, surrenders to all of you, oh my God!

I am currently engulfed in the beautiful sweet powerful fire presence of God where I am right now, have some!! Here, take it!! Holy Spirit reminded me of a very precious moment with Him and asked me to share it right now, so I said yes Lord, I will! So I am.

In one moment of worship of my King, I found myself standing on a pathway in glory with green grass everywhere around me filled with living flowers of all sizes.  The flowers were see through in color and fragrant, purples, blues, long green stems, so beautiful and alive, yet so clear.

I was on my way to see Jesus, oh how I felt such joy!!! I felt an immediate intense desire to bring Jesus flowers, I wanted to see Jesus and to give Him flowers! No sooner did I desire that, the living flowers all around me began to leap into my arms right up from the ground! Flowers leap because nothing is plucked in heaven!

The living flowers were laughing and crying out “Take me! Take me! Take me to see Jesus! I want to see Jesus!” The living flowers could not wait to be gifted to Jesus!  I was laughing so hard with sheer joy as both my arms were being filled with untold numbers of living laughing leaping flowers longing for the Lord!

#saythatfivetimessuperfast ~ living laughing leaping flowers longing for the Lord! Ha!

#Jesusismyhappy 🔥



Jan’s Words

Today,  I experienced several encounters in glory, oh my goodness, how exciting! Please enjoy this one moment with me! It was absolutely wonderful – Lord give each of us revelation!

I found myself in this beautiful pleasant field, pretty grass, expansive blue sky, soft colors, I was struck by its pleasantness.  I looked and I saw my precious beautiful friend, Jan’s words! I was so surprised and filled with joy!  Her words are all over the place in heaven and they are alive!  I saw her words, “the words of Jan” as I call them or “the words of exacto-knife Prophet Jan,” doing many many things in heaven!  Her words are all over the place, so many! Her words are in constant motion, moving, they are working, they are accomplishing many things!

I saw with my own eyes that her very words are alive, in many colors, sizes, shapes, weights, densities, volumes, seasons, decorative, creative, artistic, loving, singing, resonating with intricacies of dance and flowing movements, filled with hope, laughter, purpose and correction.  There are words in varying fonts, some are written in cursive, other words are in different languages, and also in tongues!  I saw words that looked like tiny baby Lilly of the Valley’s spread everywhere.

Many words consist of forgiveness too!  In the midst of the fields of Jan’s words, I saw purpose being fulfilled.  I saw living words of directives and decrees.  I saw judgments, I saw fire, swirly happy things, I saw blessings, I saw words like candy that are pleasant to the hearer, words that are flavorful like bubble gum, sticky and words that need to be contemplated and chewed on to extract their full flavor.  Jan’s words are fruitful and many words have fruit growing inside of them to yet be birthed.  There are very powerful fruits and some fruit is so precious and I found them well, super cute, like little bananas hanging off different letters, little red berries, and grapes.  Many grapes are being cultivated in her words.  There is also a lot of seasoning inside many, many words, some spicy, some salty, and many are filled with grace.  Her words are also very fragrant with varying scents and textures.  The fragrance of roses was very noticeable.

Gardens exist, in heaven, of Jan’s living words filled with living fruit.  Many of her words are also free range just accomplishing what they were spoken for in many specific places but then also like being spread out like wild flower seeds, just bursting forth good things wherever each word lands.  It is absolutely amazing, incredible and joy-filled to witness!  Jan, your words are alive in heaven and they are releasing life and still working to this day!!  What also stood out to me is that Jan’s living words knew me, they recognized me.  Her words turned to look at me and they waved hello to me.  I waved back and said “hello Jan’s words!”  We smiled at each other and her words did not skip one beat in what they were doing, they just continued doing what is they were spoken to do.  I was filled with such happiness and laughter that her living words recognized me and knew who I was because she and I, we speak often, I love her so.  I realized then that my words are too alive in heaven. I inquired in my heart, Lord, do my living words recognize Jan’s words?  Do our words know each other in heaven?  Are they accomplishing things together?

His response was “Yes, your words know each other and they recognize each other a lot because you both come in agreement in the name of Jesus often for many spoken things under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  You issue decrees together, you pray together, you speak the word together and all you both have spoken is alive in heaven accomplishing what the words were sent forth to accomplish both individually and jointly.”  I stood there processing that for a considerable length of time and am still processing that even as I type.

I understood then, in glory, that when a prophetic word or utterance is released, when a prayer is released, when even an idle word is spoken, that word has gone forth and is alive in heaven and just because someone does not see the manifestation of that word immediately, that does not mean it is not going to occur, it is simply being planted, cultivated, and prepared for harvest in its season, birthed in the heavens first to then manifest here in the earth.

We must understand that our words carry weight, the word of God is filled with multiple scriptures about the power of our words.  We even speak forth the issues of our heart. God framed the worlds with His word! What worlds are our words forming? What does your world look like? What have we been speaking over ourselves and others?

Holy Spirit reminded me of Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it, shall eat the fruit thereof.” (KJV)