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An Eagle’s Joy

Lord, I thank you that when I don’t know what to do, You are the wind in my sails, lifting my wings so that I can soar high, so that I can rise up higher with You, far above all circumstances, perceptions and principalities.  For it is in You and You alone that I find my peace, my strength, my hope and my joy, my freedom!

I will never forget when You came into my room at 6 a.m., one morning, and physically picked me up in your arms, and took me with you to the place where you set your eagles free.  I will never forget how You looked, the wonder of life in Your very eyes, the very essence of the breath of life in each frequency in Your vocals as You spoke to me, the power of life in Your laughter and the force of release in my life as You beckoned me to come look at what You were about to do.  I saw me, as a large eagle, standing on a wood log, like one would use to chop wood for firewood.  I was standing on the wood log, wings closed against my side.  I wore a metal band around my left foot.  It was small but large enough to keep me grounded.

I remember when You said to me, “Watch this.”  You approached the eagle and you simply and so easily, unclipped my left leg.  The metal band around my leg fell off of me and my wings instantly expanded and began to move, I began to rise up and I saw the expansion of my wings as I soared higher and higher.  I remember you Jesus, You stood there with Your hands cupped around your mouth as You began to shout with pure joy, “He whom I have set free, is free indeed!” Your voice became louder and louder with each shout of those very words, “He whom I have set free, is free indeed! He whom I have set free, is free indeed!” Oh Glory to God!!! You released me and set me free.  I will never forget the sounds of the laughter coming forth from You, it was bursting forth from deep inside of You, I could feel the sheer freedom and joy and holiness of this moment with You, Your laughter Jesus, echoed within my being.

My wings began to move faster and so elegantly, I remember watching them, in awe that my wingspan was so large, I had no idea.  I remember looking down at You as You were shouting up to me, “I love to set my people free! I love to set my people free, I will set you free over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  I love to set my people free! I do not have an issue with setting my people free over and over and over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE! IT IS MY JOY TO SET MY PEOPLE FREE EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER WITHOUT END, FOR I HAVE PAID THE PRICE TO SET YOU FREE, IT IS MY DELIGHT, IT IS MY JOY, IT IS MY PURE JOY TO SET YOU FREE, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE,  IT IS MY PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM!! I WILL SET YOU FREE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER! IT IS SO EASY FOR ME AND I DO NOT MIND, I PAID THE PRICE, IT IS SO EASY FOR ME TO SET YOU FREE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, EVEN FROM THE SAME ISSUE!  I DO NOT HAVE ANY ISSUE WITH IT, RELIGIOUS DEVILS AND RELIGIOUS FOLK DO!” and then You were belly laughing with joy at releasing me to soar so very high, filled with pure joy and freedom and oh the very glory and love of Christ inside of my life, my heart, the fabric of who I am.  Oh Jesus, how I love You with all that I am, I cannot express to You how precious You are to me, my King, my Lord, my everything.  I treasure my deliverance and freedom! THANK YOU!

Then I remember You shouted to me, as I was soaring so high up in the heavens, I could hear you even from there, you were declaring to me “DO NOT EVER RETURN TO THIS PLACE OF CAPTIVITY, FOR YOU HAVE BEEN HELD HERE CAPTIVE SO LONG, IT HAS BECOME FAMILIAR TO YOU, DO NOT EVER RETURN TO THIS PLACE OF CAPTIVITY!!!”  You were so happy Jesus, so free, so beautiful and I was soaring so high and still am, because of You Lord! Yay me!!!

John 8:36 KJV  – “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

You alone Lord, have made me free, indeed.




Letting Him Lead

One moment, deep in worship, soaking and enjoying the presence of the Lord, I found myself in a large ice skating arena. It was a true ice skating rink. It felt chilly and I could see my breath with each exhale. I was wearing skates, standing in the middle of the rink. I was wearing a very pretty flowy skating outfit white in color.

I stood there looking around and as I looked up, I saw Jesus. He was sitting in the bleachers looking down at me. It was Him and me, alone. He too was wearing skating attire, it was dark in color. He smiled at me. I will never forget this. I smiled back and waved.

I looked around the place and I was alone in the middle of the ice skating rink. It was a very large surface of the smoothest ice, it looked like glass. The rink itself had walls that too were white in color. The walls of the skating rink itself were white and they were tall, very high up with windows at the very top.

I heard the soaking music, a single violin began to play a beautiful melody of love that was coming forth from inside of me. I always wanted to play the violin, but I do not, so during worship often I will enter into His presence with my entire being, as a violin, playing for the one I love, inside of my heart and soul.

As I heard the music, a single long note of the violin slowly began to play and I began to skate.  Each movement I made was in tune with the beautiful extended note. My skating became worship unto my King. Every movement, executed in love, for Him.

Jesus joined me on the ice, we became a pair facing one another. He has this way of speaking to me without saying one word. I heard Him speak in me, “Let me lead.”  We began to skate, the two of us across the ice to the sounds of the single violin playing a love song that was not only emanating from within me, but it was pouring through Him as well, I could hear the love song in me and around me. It was captivating, I was singing my love song to Him and He was singing His love song to me, but yet it was one violin note, one sound on a single violin.

We were two, skating in unison across the ice, like when one is watching pair skating.  I yielded to His leading, and I was resting against Him, leaning on Him, on His strength. He is really strong and actually, quite a good skater! I could see my white flowy skirt and His dark skating attire. I could see the two of us clearly as individuals. We began to spin, I seemed to step outside of myself and was able to watch the two of us from a short distance. We began spinning faster. I could see the two of us, distinctly Jesus, distinctly me. We were so close, spinning on the ice. I heard Him say, “Watch this!” I looked more intently and suddenly, the two of us became one, as we were spinning to the sound of the single violin playing, we spun and I blended into Him. We were spinning so close for quite a length of time then eventually, all I could see was Jesus Christ Himself, spinning so gloriously on the ice, it was effortless for Him and I was no longer visible, I was completely hidden in Him. It was a very powerful, revelatory encounter with the King of kings.

As I watched us spin into one, the Lord brought this scripture to me, “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” Colossians 3:3 (KJV)

I could not see me, there was no evidence I was ever there, on the ice with Him. We blended and became one, and all that remained visible, was Christ alone.