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The Rock That is Higher Than I

Holy Spirit, I prophesy that you unfold your reality and truth into the core of everyone who reads these words in Jesus’ precious sweet name, may you, the reader, never be the same.

One day, I went for a walk and, suddenly, two angels appeared before me and took me to a place I could not get to had they not taken me.  One had red hair and the other, black hair. They surprised me and in the blink of an eye, I went with them, I was gone from the natural realm.

They brought me up to this magnificent place and then the two angels left. I don’t know where they went, but they were gone. I was alone, but the King of Glory, Jesus Christ, was there in His presence and spirit.  He was with me and I knew He was watching me.  He could see me!!!

I stood in a hidden place, a pavillion. It was high, high, high up in the heavens. It was so magnificent. It was huge, the floor was and is made of thick living rock, it looked beige in color, like light sand colored living rock.  The pavillion itself was round in shape, I knew that as standing there. There were no walls, it was open, to the heavens all around.

I thought of the scripture, Psalms 61:2 (KJV), “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” (Emphasis added.)  I knew I was on and in the rock that is higher than I.

Oh, His Majesty was and is there, oh, how He Himself was and is present there.  I could not see Him with my eyes yet, but all that is within me knew He was all around me, in me and through me. I was so happy, He is happiness and He is in happiness. Oh my God, my King, only You satisfy and are the way to life!! I stood in the place of the living rock, my being was standing on the living rock, it was and is so beautiful!

As I looked to my right in the center of this pavillion was this massive, massive, massive pillar made of the same living rock, it extended high, high, high up, it was thick, columnly like, thick in the middle, so thick, firmly fitted in the foundation of the rock, like it was one piece, the living rock I stood upon and the pillar were one.  It was an immovable pillar. I stood next to it and instantly leaned my entire being against it, hugging it, my arms spread wide against its width, nowhere near to its sides, I was small in comparison to its size, very small. It was filled with the life of God, it was alive.  I love all things God.

I thought of the scriptures, Matthew 7:24 and 25 (KJV), “Therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock; And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock.” And also Luke 6:48 (KJV), “He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock; and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it; for it was founded upon a rock.”

I am reflecting now that if I build my house upon the living rock (Jesus Christ) and His truth, His righteousness and nothing else when there is no storm, then should there ever be a storm trying to form, I will remain standing because my foundations are deeply rooted in His truth of His word, His love, protection, joy, mercy, grace, life, and all the promises that are mine!  That living rock is so much higher than any storm, it is solid and immovable.  It is a place of security and protection.

The peace of God reigns in this place.  The quietness and confidence of our God reigns in this place.  It’s as if the living rock pillar breathes the gentle breath of life!  There is only one long rose pink veil that hangs diagonally in the pavilion from so high up. It waves so delicately in the gentle winds of breath coming forth from the living rock pillar.  You can see through the veil, there is nothing hidden there, everything is open.  You can easily access either side of the veil, it is very beautiful and too, alive.

There is one living rock bench positioned in front of the living rock column pillar.  I sat down with my back towards the pillar. I sat alone, facing outward, in the presence of the living God, in the movement of the gentle breath of life coming forth from the living rock pillar.  I sat in total silence, in total stillness all around me except for the gentle breath of life coming forth from the living rock pillar. Oh my Jesus, how I love Your quietness, Your confidence! I do not know how long I sat there, but it was quite some time.

In this place, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me, His precious heart and His word.  As I continue visiting with Him in this place of intimacy, on and in the living rock, He continues unveiling progressive revelation of His word, His truth.  He is very passionate and very, very tender.  His heart is filled with great, great, great love for us and He is very sensitive and oh, so genuine.  When He says something, He means it!  He does not lie! He is very present emotionally.  I experienced and continue to experience His vulnerability to pain and disappointment. It hurts me so deeply when He is hurt.  It is crushing actually to feel His hurt.  Goodness Lord,  I am so sorry Lord Jesus for every single time I have ever hurt your feelings, every single time, Lord please forgive me, I’m so very sorry! I kiss your feelings my Jesus!!  My insides weep at the thought of ever causing You pain.  I so love You Lord.

As I sat there in total silence and stillness, He spoke to me.  The One who loves us spoke to me.  I heard Him although I did not yet see Him with my eyes.  He asked me in quiet seriousness, “What if this is it, what if this is all that there is?”  He continued, “What if this is all that ever exists for you with me now and for eternity, just you here, with nothing, not one thing, no one else, nothing, but me. Would I be enough for you Kari?”  I remained quiet hearing His questions again within me.  I heard Him, “Am I enough?” He asked.  I want to weep at remembering the seriousness of His questions to me.  Jesus help me continue!!  I knew these were serious questions, not to be answered lightly or quickly.  He was showing me things, of being alone with just Him and just me.  He continued asking me very serious questions about us being together that warranted a great pause and consideration before responding.

He shared again with me several stories about others He loves that once loved Him, but now, only care for the things added unto them and no longer seek Him first.  They have shifted from sons and daughters to hirelings and merchandisers.  He reminded me of the scripture, Matthew 6:33 (KJV) “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Those He discussed with me used to first seek His kingdom, everything was added unto them.  Everything became more important to them than Jesus.  Jesus was asking me genuinely, will I do the same thing to Him, will I forget Him too?  His feelings are so hurt, it is so painful to witness.  Jesus, I pray that I never do that to you Lord, please God!  After great thinking and seeing what His questions to me meant, I gave the Lord my response, my truth, my genuine answer.  I replied “Lord, You are enough.”  I meant it when I answered and I mean it right now.

Immediately, I found myself with the Lord Jesus Christ higher up than the pavilion, it looked like some type of lanai, or outdoor balcony area where He instantly brought me to Himself.  Jesus Christ stood next to me on my left side, I was leaning against His right shoulder and I stood there so close to Him, staring up into His beard and the profile of His face as He stared out into the heavens.  It was just Him and just me.  He said nothing, He did not need to.  I turned to look at the heavens with Him and leaned back against His chest, in His arms.  We stared for quite some time in silence at the colors splashed across the skies.

I never want to leave when I am with Him. I don’t know how I returned to here, but I did.  I returned right back to where I was walking when the two angels came to take me to Him as if I did not miss a step.  I reflected upon this encounter for a very long time in the privacy of my own heart.

His silence releases choruses of revelation and depths of truths and songs of beauty, unfolding wisdoms.  I feel strengthening inside.  I thought of Isaiah 30:15 (KJV), “… quietness and in confidence shall be your strength;…..” In His quietness and in His confidence, I am strong, that is where our strength lies, in Him and in Him alone.

Oh, the fire of the Living God, may it burn deep inside of you and me, forever flames of fire may we be for His glory everywhere we are in the earth.


















A God Who Sees

The Holy Ghost asked me to share four memories of how He manifested and broke through the supernatural realm into the natural realm to protect and deliver me during every day moments.  This is a bit different of a blog in that my heart was to share another supernatural moment with the King of Glory in glory, but He requested I share with you a few examples of His mighty power demonstrated here on earth, for me, so I am doing just that! In Jesus’ name, may you be touched and forever changed as you recall moments in your life of the reality that we have a God who sees.

I was approximately eight years old.  Our parents took my sister and me on vacation to Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania. On this particular day, our parents went golfing and left us together.  My sister is six years older than me.  She met a friend and we went bike riding through the hills near the waterfalls.  The only bike I had ridden up to that point had pedal brakes, I did not know how to use hand brakes and I was not aware this bike only had hand brakes.  My sister and friend were far ahead of me and I was alone, pedaling up this very high hill, it was difficult.  We were totally alone in the woods for quite some time, it was a long bike ride.  Not one car passed us since we began.  As I made it to the top of the hill, I could see the road before me that went downward and it was very steep and long.  I could see my sister and her friend in the distance already heading up the next hill.  There were no cars, no one else there, just me.  I felt very scared but I began to ride the bike downward on the mountain road, I was going so fast, too fast, and as I went to push the pedal brakes to slow down, the pedals went backwards all the way around and there were no brakes.  The bike speed increased and I lost control of the bike and I literally slammed bike and chin first into this massive tree.  I hit that tree with such force, I remember as writing this.  I hit the tree with my entire body, all my weight striking in my chin, into that tree.

Immediately, I physically fell backwards into the arms of the whitest haired man.  Blood was pouring out of my chin, I was covered in blood, I was completely limp, I remember, I had no strength in my body.  It was such a forced impact.  I was completely helpless.  The whitest haired man carried me to a gold four-door Cadillac.  It was a gold Cadillac!! I knew it was a Cadillac because my dad had the same car but not gold.  In the car, were two other people who had the whitest hair too.  The man who carried me, placed me in the back seat and sat next to me.  I held my chin in a cloth given to me in silence staring at them.  No one said a word, we drove in silence.  I was not paying attention to where we were going, I was just staring at these three whitest haired people while holding my chin in the cloth.  The car stopped and when I looked out the window, we were in front of a hospital emergency room.  The man who carried me, opened my door and helped me out of the car and stood me in front of the emergency room door.  When I turned around, the gold Cadillac and the white haired people were gone.  I do not know who contacted my parents or my sister or how they found me, but they did.  I received several stitches,

We have a God who sees.

I was eight months pregnant with my third child.  I was driving a minivan, with my two sons who were both under the age of four in their car seats.  I was stopped at a red light.  A vehicle was stopped for the red light coming in the opposite direction.  When the light turned green, I did not move.  I was unable to press on the gas pedal.  I sat there, the man in the vehicle opposite me also stayed stopped, he too did not cross the intersection. We both had a green light and the right of way.  Without warning, out of no where, a massive dump truck came barreling through the red light at the highest rate of speed, without regard for anything or anyone in its path.  Both myself and the driver opposite me, remained still.  I could see his mouth open and my mouth was open.  We had to wait for the next green light because we were both stunned.  Had I accelerated to go through the green light, I would have been killed as would have my unborn daughter, both sons, the other driver had he proceeded through the green light and I am certain the dump truck driver would have at least been severely injured,

We have a God who sees.

I was down the shore at Atlantic City with my three little ones, my daughter had to be about one year of age.  The boys were in the ocean swimming with a raft.  I was at the edge of the waves with my little one.  The current pulled the boys far out in the water, over a sand bar, they were being pulled out so far way, I could not see them well and I could not get to them. I could not leave my daughter alone.  I picked her up in one arm and anxiously walked into the waves up to my knees, yelling their names, waving with my free arm trying to get their attention.  I was so frightened, I could barely make a sound.  I was pacing, I had no idea what to do.  I prayed, “Jesus!”.  That was my prayer.  My sons were so far out on that raft that they looked like little pin heads against the horizon.  I stood there staring and helpless.  There were so many people on the beach, so many! So much activity and noise, it was so crowded.  I was with friends but they were off doing their thing somewhere that I remember.  I’m staring at my sons in the distance thinking, “Jesus help me.”  I could not think.  I literally did not know what to do.

Suddenly, a man appears between the two of them.  A man physically appeared between them.  They were so far out and he was only waist deep in the ocean.  He was in the middle of the raft, both arms on the raft steering it straight and walking straight.  In the Atlantic Ocean, you can’t walk straight or swim straight when the undertow is strong, or the current is strong, you have to swim across it.  This man was walking, waist deep, straight through the currents.  I stood there with my daughter in my one arm, free hand over my eyes blocking the sun, biting my lip, watching this man who appeared out of no where walking my sons on their raft into the shoreline.  He pushed them in straight in the current.  Both boys were looking up at him the entire time, just looking up at him.  As they got closer to me, the man locked eyes with me and just stared right into me and pushed my sons on the raft right up to where I was standing, both boys were thrilled to be back in the waves that they went and jumped back in them.  I did not have a chance to thank the man.  He turned to my left and walked away and as he did, he had a huge tattoo of a cross in flames down his entire back, and he turned quickly to look back at me and smiled and then disappeared into the crowd,

We have a God who sees.

My middle son was involved in a minor car accident with two of his friends as passengers.  I went to pick the three of them up and met the reporting officer as the three teens spilled out of the back of his car.  I had not met these two school friends before.  I pile the three of them into my SUV, my son up front and the two friends in the backseat.  It was raining hard, it was nighttime and dark, and it was so hard to see.  I was not in a familiar area and as it was raining, suddenly I hear the sounds of a loud train, one of the teens in the back asks me, “Hey, do you hear a train?” I responded, “Yes I do.”  At that moment, I felt a six-inch cushion next to my left side between me and the driver’s side door.  I began to say to the three teens “I have a six-inch cushion to the left of me, I have a six-inch cushion between me and the door.” I had no idea what was going on, I’m hearing a train, its raining so hard, I can’t see, I’m shaken a bit my son was involved in an accident and now I have a six-inch cushion next to me that I know is there but I can’t see it.  I ran a stop sign in the pouring rain.

Everything happened in such slow motion.  I looked to the left of me and my entire driver’s side window was in the middle of the left headlight of an 18-wheeler flatbed tow truck.  It was massive.  The headlight was in my window, so direct, I saw the beveled pattern of the glass, I saw the lightbulb filament, that was in the left front headlight of that truck.  The entire truck literally blew through my SUV like a hologram.  It went through us.  The truck literally went through us.  The one teen behind me began to yell over and over, “That was Jesus! Did you see that?! That was Jesus!” My son kept saying how he was never so close to death before, the other teen in the back was silent.  I pulled over on the side of the road, trying to use this moment to teach the teens about the reality of God’s word, that all I could think to say was, “Well, this is evidence of the scripture where it says nothing shall pluck us out of our Father’s hand before our time.”  But God! That truck would have impacted my vehicle with such force that I would have been killed, my son and two other families would have lost their boys, the truck driver and we would have taken out a bank that was located on the corner of the intersection because both vehicles no doubt would have been forced into it upon impact,

We have a God who sees.















Priest to Priest

Again, I am so excited to share with you my personal encounters, private moments with Jesus Christ.  I speak a release of the holy presence, the weighty holy presence of the Living God into you in Jesus’ name.

My heart’s longing has been this one thing, to stand before the throne of the Living God and minister unto Him, to minister His Presence, every moment, of every day, of every year, for eternity.  There is nothing that means anything to me outside of being in His Presence.  I have often said I am like the ark of the covenant, a carrier of the Presence of the Living God.  He lives in me.  I feel Him burning inside of me, I feel His flames of fire physically moving, burning, glowing deep inside the center of me.  This is my truth, this is who I truly am inside of me. If I were alive in the Old Testament, I would be a Levite assigned as a priest to minister unto Him.  Nothing moves me the way seeing me alone, in the silence of the Tabernacle, burning incense unto the Living God possibly ever could.  The honor of entering the Holy of Holies on behalf of His people Israel renders me speechless.  To move in the silent holy thick weighty atmosphere of the Presence of God, every cell in my being comes alive. I was born for this very purpose, Him.

One moment as I was lost in worship, soaking in the presence of the Lord, I entered into this solitary place, a place of complete privacy and isolation from anyone or anything.  It is a place of total hiddenness.  As I close my eyes, my spirit enters this place of holiness, even now as I return there at this moment.

The atmosphere in this place is holy.  The silence itself is holy, even the holiness is holy.  It is so beautiful.  I knew inside of me then and now that this was and is the Holy of Holies, a place of all encompassing intimacy and holiness, just Him, just me, and no one else.

Holy Spirit please help me describe this.  As I entered this place, the High Priest of our confession appeared before me dressed in his priestly attire.  Wow, my spirit man is pulling on the anointing, I can feel myself inside drawing on Him, I’m so desperate for You Lord.  Jesus, the precious High Priest of our confession stood there, looking at me, so holy, so powerful, so priestly, and He smiled so wide, opened the door or wall area, to let me enter.  He stood to the right side of me and motioned with His right arm for me to enter like a gentleman would welcoming a guest into His home.  This is, after all, His home, “Our home actually,” He just spoke into me.  As I entered in and walked by Him, Jesus smiled wider, His face lit up with happiness that I was with Him.

The floor was made of what looked like pure white marble, alive, shiny, reflective, clean, spotless, the floor itself, the marble itself, was and is holy.  The walls were of a similar material, they too are holy and pure and alive. The room is sparsely decorated.  To the right is a large wall made of what seemed to be a window with long white veils hanging as curtains, the light that emanated in this place was and is holy and alive.  Before the window to the right was a beautiful vanity, with a large mirror encrusted in a golden frame of swirls and designs.  The vanity itself was made of the most beautiful dark blue material or wood, it was solid and it too was and is holy. It looked royal like what one would see in a castle with a matching velvet seat that was long enough to seat two people.

To the left of this place was a large platform made of the same pure white holy marble, it had two steps up.  I do not know what was on the platform and I still do not because my eyes were and are consistently drawn to the golden altar that is just beyond the platform, I see four horns on the corners of the altar.  Up behind the golden altar with the four horns is a large veil hanging from ceiling to floor which is torn in two.  The ark of the covenant is behind the veil, it’s door, open, and it’s inside now empty.

Jesus handed me matching priest garments.  I found myself dressing in the same attire Jesus Christ was wearing.  Jesus was helping me put everything on correctly. He took His time, He was so careful and exact with each garment and item.  I felt tiny next to His majesty, He is so awesome and so kind, gentle, perfectly perfect.  I was so happy, He knew I was happy being with Him.  He said to me once, “I am so happy, I make you happy.”

Jesus placed a fair mitre, with a golden inscription written in it that read, “Holiness to the Lord,” upon my head.  It was a powerful moment for me. Zachariah 3:5 KJV says “And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his (meaning Joshua) head. So they set a fair mitre upon his head, and clothed him with garments. And the angel of the Lord stood by.” When He finished helping me dress, I looked like Him and I literally just lost it.  I felt such joy that I physically began to jump up and down and I actually involuntarily did a happy dance, I could not help it and I could not stop myself.  I was rejoicing with pure joy, filled  with happiness, and Jesus was laughing.  He looked so happy that I was happy to be with Him.  It was and is holy.

We then walked over to the golden altar with the four horns, I grabbed one of the horns and stood there reflecting in my heart what the word said about intercession and grabbing the horns of the altar. I recalled the horns being grabbed by those who needed help, like Adonijah in 1 Kings 1:50 KJV.  I felt this need to lay upon the altar at that moment, so I did.  I laid my life upon the altar before the High Priest of my confession in the Holy of Holies.  We prayed and interceded at that altar,  I do not know for how long.

Thereafter, I was standing before Jesus Christ, both of us wearing matching priestly attire in front of the platform.  He turned me around and pulled my back into His chest and He took my hands in His hands, my hands were under His and He extended both of our arms outward to the right and to the left.  Without speaking to me, I heard Him say, “Move with my movements, when I move my right hand up, move your right hand in sync with mine, and when I move my left hand up as holding your hand, move your left arm with mine.”  He repeatedly spoke to me without saying a word to move the way He moves, to imitate only what He does, He and I were so close in proximity that when He moved, I moved.  When He stepped, I stepped, when He leaned far to the right, I leaned far to the right with Him.  He began to move in dance like movements and motion and I leaned against Him, I yielded to His movements, to His motion, and relinquished control.  I relinquished my movements into Him, I let go and leaned all that I am upon His being and He took over the movements of the both of us. He directed each direction, we moved across the floor in that place.  If He turned, I turned, if He lifted His right arm, my right arm lifted with His, if He put His left hand on my left hip, my left hand went to my left hip as we continued to spin slowly, every single movement Jesus Christ made, I made in complete unison with Him.  When He stopped, I stopped.  He did not speak a word yet He spoke instructions into me.  We were one in all that we did, I looked like Him.  I moved just like He moved.  This went on for quite some time.  I never wanted it to end.  We looked amazing! I was watching us from the vanity seat and our movements became so in tune, so smooth. So holy. So silent, each movement choreographed by the Most High. He did not make one move without my mirroring it exactly.  It was powerful to witness.

I do not know how long we moved as one, it was for quite some time.  Eventually, we sat side by side on the vanity seat staring at each other in the mirror.  He is beautiful!! He is the beautiful one in all the earth, in all the heavens, anywhere!! We both sat up super straight and we looked alike, our reflection in the mirror, we looked alike! We were in matching identical priestly garments!! I had my face, I was me still but I resembled Him, I conformed to His image as I yielded my movements unto Him.  I thought of Romans 8:30 KJV,  “For whom  He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He may be the firstborn among many brethren.” I watched that very verse come alive into me as I sat there, seeing my reflection, looking like, resembling, becoming as He is, as I yielded unto Him, conforming to His image.

We both were looking at each other in the mirror before us.  We smiled at the same time and then burst out in laughter together.  We began to be silly together, we made faces in the mirror, we sat back to back, arms crossed, very silly moments were had.  Jesus took photographic portraits of us together.  He did.  I saw them.  He took so many photographic portraits of us as we danced and moved and laughed together.  He said to me that He has photo albums of things we have shared together.  He showed me several portraits of Him and me, of moments we shared. I was so surprised He had them! He told me many of our portraits are hanging all over in the mansion prepared for me!

We then stood up, facing each other, holding each other’s hands in front of us, in holy silence, looking into each other’s eyes.  I stood there facing Jesus, the One I adore, knowing inside at that precise moment, we were standing before each other,


1 Peter 2:8 KJV, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth His praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Fissy Kish

Jesus, Lord, wreck your people in Your tangible love!

One evening, after service during prayer ministry time, I was on the floor, in the river of God, totally wrecked by His glory, gone, completely gone from the earth, caught up in the heavens, I will never forget! In the natural, before I left in glory, others were on the floor with me, co-drinkers of the new wine too! I heard their laughter and the music in the background, it was a Holy Ghost party, oh it was wonderful!! Just wonderful! Oh how we don’t want to miss heaven!! I want to be at every single Holy Ghost party, ball, gala, picnic, event, everywhere He is, I want to be!! I’m coming with you Holy Spirit!! Arms up high, take me!! Take me!! Ha. Glory!! Joy unspeakable!! Full of glory!!! Oh praise God!!! I feel like running!!

I found myself with Jesus, He looked exactly like you would think Jesus Christ of Nazareth looks, oh my, He is so beautiful!!! He is peace, He is truth, He is light! He is everything!!! He is so wonderful!! He is love and joy and laughter, He is so not stressed out about anything!! He is very life itself.

We were standing together on this narrow path, wide enough for two to walk together on, the path only went in one direction that I could see, only in front of us.  The area was covered in lush green grass, trees on the far side of the path across from us, and there was a clearing between the trees where I could see this massive sea of water which looked as if it were glistening with diamonds! Sparkles of sunlight were dancing upon the top of the sea only there was no sun, oh it was the glory of God reflecting on the waters!!! So beautiful it was and is! I see it right now too!

We walked through the clearing to the edge of the water, there was quite an expanse of water, so much room in the water, between where we were and the opposite side. I could hear voices, many voices, coming from the other side of the water, I saw people playing in the water in the distance, none were on the side I was. I heard their laughter from afar, so much laughter, it sounded like the tinkling of glass, fine crystal, it was so pretty, I hear it even now, can you hear it? Ssssshhhh, listen……the tinkling of fine glass, the warmth of the glory realms, the splashing sounds as many played in the water filled with joy, the golden hues of glory spilling forth out of Jesus Christ, oh the sounds of heaven, my most favorite of sounds!!!

I wanted to go in the water so desperately. I asked Jesus if I could go in, He smiled at me and said “Yes, you can go in!” I walked right into the sea.  I felt such joy, I began to splash the water all over myself, I felt freedom, I felt whole. I began to laugh and asked Jesus, “Is this water cleansing me?” He said very seriously, “No, it is my blood that cleanses you.”

Then He said, “This water is healing you, this is the washing of the water of my word.”  (Ephesians 5:26 KJV).  I love that, one definition of healing (Oxford Dictionaries) is the process of making or becoming sound. My mind becomes healed, sound, clean, when I wash it in the water of the word! My life becomes healed, sound, clean when I wash it in the water of the word!! Me, being cleansed from my sin by the power of the blood of Jesus, my mind, my life, healed, washed in the water of His word, sanctified and holy!!  I felt so clean and alive, whole. I realized right then, that there was so much room in the water for everyone! There is room enough for all of mankind to come and be cleansed in the blood of Christ and to be washed in the water of His word. Oh that mankind would come!!

I knew it was time to step out of the water, I climbed out and I was instantly dry.  He extended His right forearm towards me and I placed my left hand up under His arm. He was looking down at me smiling. He seems to always be smiling when He looks at me. I get all silly each time I look at Him, is true. I get all giggly and googly-eyed and laugh like I’m doing right now even!! Defenseless against His love. I love you my Jesus with all that I am and all that I will ever be!!!

He hears everything, every question, even those unspoken. Each time I read Psalm 23:2 “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, He leadeth me beside the still waters” (KJV), I would think to myself, how does He make me lie down, what does He do, like do I get on my fours and He sits on my back and pushes me down? I never could understand how He could make me lie down. I now know!!!

Jesus led me down the path to another area through woods which opened to another clearing by a smaller area of still waters. To the right were rolling hills of wheat, hills that rolled what looked like forever, the wheat was vibrant in color, very heavy and bending under the weight of the heads of wheat ready for harvest, so ready.

Jesus Christ physically led me by still waters, He extended His right arm to me, I took it, and He alone led me to a place by still waters as He said in Psalms 23:2. Guess what else He did!!! He physically led me to the edge of the still waters in green grass and He laid down first!!! That’s how He does it!! He laid down first and I was compelled to lie down right next to Him!! That is how He makes us to lie down in green pastures!! Oh praise God! He goes before us in all things and we are compelled to follow!

Jesus turned on His side facing me, His back facing the still waters, and He dropped His left hand behind Him letting the tips of His fingers fall into the still waters. Instantly and I mean instantly, a pretty fish with big eyes wrapped its little mouth around his one finger tip. I leaned up against His side and looked down at the fish. It was so darling! His little mouth puckered, his little eyes open so wide on each side fixed on Jesus and his two little fins on both sides fluttering so fast to stay in one place staring at Jesus. I asked Jesus, “Is this fishing in heaven?” I was thinking it had to be because in heaven you wouldn’t use a hook to fish, that would hurt the fish and there isn’t any pain in heaven. Jesus chuckled and said, “No Kar, this isn’t fishing in heaven, this is my fish kissing me, and worshipping me.  Here, all of my creation kisses me and worships me.” Before He finished speaking, we both were sitting upright. He had His knees pulled up, arms on His knees, I was staring up at Him watching Him stare at the hills of wheat, He suddenly looked so sad, I wanted to cry.  He said “Here, all of my creation kisses me, loves me, worships me, but man does not.” I was so upset, I felt such pain, I felt His pain! I began to tell Him over and over, “I will love you Jesus, I will kiss you Jesus! I will worship you Jesus! I love you Jesus! I worship you Jesus! I kept saying that over and over to Him. I wanted Him to truly know how much I love Him.

I felt myself being shaken, gently shaken, I heard my name being called repeatedly, I couldn’t speak, all I knew is I was leaving where I was with Jesus and I could no longer see the kissy fish. I was so tongue tied from the glory realm that all I could hear was my name being called by those with me at the service and me asking them over and over, “Where’s the fissy kish? I don’t see the fissy kish! Where’s the fissy kish?” As the church sanctuary came into view and I was able to see my friends’ beautiful faces again, I felt saddened leaving, I wanted to stay there with Jesus forever, me and Him and the fissy kish.

I love you Jesus! I kiss you!  I worship you with all my heart! I will tell the whole world!!


Oh, It’s in Glory

May the freedom of the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ overtake you and unleash inside of you changing every single thing!! Do it Jesus!!

One Sunday morning here in DTM Church, I was worshipping my Jesus with all that I am, my eyes closed, my face upwards, my arms lifted up high, belting out my love songs to the One I adore, meaning every word singing out of me when, suddenly, and I mean absolutely suddenly, Jesus Christ Himself crashed through the invisible realm, into the natural realm, with such power and force, He literally could have knocked me through the back wall of the church or into another dimension, but He didn’t.  He crashed through with such intensity as He then wrapped Himself around me, on one knee, pulling me so close to Him.

The King of Glory Himself held me so tight and close, His face buried in my neck, I felt the physical power of His passion for me. Nothing can escape His grasp, nothing. He is pure strength. I was helpless against His strength, totally helpless, as I was melting into Him, it was as if He too was just as helpless melting into me.  It was like He could not help Himself, He had no choice but to come to me here, He could not restrain Himself one moment longer, He had to crash through to love me! He pulled me so close to Him, my mouth was near His left ear, as He held me so closely and tightly, I began to whisper sweet nothings into His ear! I began to tell Him things like, “Jesus, I love You so much! I like You too! Not only do I love You, but I really like You too!”

Instantly, His grasp on me became more intense and He buried His face in my neck and began to yell out with such intense passion that I felt the heat of His breath on my neck, I felt the vibration of His voice in my neck, “DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME NOT TO TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME RIGHT NOW?!!!”

I was immediately still and silent processing what He just said into me, awestruck actually.  He yelled it again, with intensified passion, “DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME NOT TO TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME RIGHT NOW?!!!”

He then backed up from me a bit and loosened His grasp, He looked right into my eyes and said “DO YOU THINK I AM OKAY WITH LEAVING YOU HERE? DO YOU THINK I DON’T NOW WHAT IT IS LIKE? DO YOU THINK I AM OKAY WITH LEAVING YOU HERE?!!!”

I was processing inside in super fast time, I saw images, I saw the deep love of God for me, I felt the power of His love, His need for my love, His longing for my love, I felt the Lord Jesus Christ’s loving hunger for me to be with Him. I felt the depth of His concern, His watching over me here.  I saw the image of Enoch, who walked with God and then He was not, for God took Him (Genesis 5:24 KJV).  Oh glory to God!! You love me that much Jesus! I love you my Lord, my God! Oh how I always wanted to be like Enoch, I did!! I do!! That is one of my most favorite scriptures!!  Oh the joy of being not because God took you!!

As Jesus backed up a bit and was looking at me or, rather, into me, I looked to the right of us.  We were standing in a long narrow field, I could not see its ending, the grass was green with yellow flowers spread throughout it, so pretty.  There were mountains in the background, the sky, vibrant blue.  I turned to look behind me and we were in a glory bubble, there was an inverted concave shield, it was clear and inverted.  I could see we were in glory, it was very clear and distinct.  We were standing in glory.  When I looked through the glory bubble shield to the opposite side, it was the darkest dark, I knew inside of me, it was called, gross darkness, I do not want be in gross darkness, ever!!

I turned to look at Jesus again, and armor appeared on me.  It adhered to me all by itself.  I just stood there and held up my right arm and watched, this super super thin, golden, almost see through clear, lightest hint of gold sheen armor adhere to me like a second skin, it went all over me, my face too, head,  everywhere, it just appeared on me, it was so light.  I received armor!  Jesus then put a banner in my hand, it was long, pretty, I was struck by how pretty it was, I was playing with it and laughing.  Jesus asked me, “Do you know what that is?”  I replied, “A banner?”  He asked me, “Do you know it’s name?”  I looked at Him.  He said, “It’s love, it is Your’s, my banner over you is love.”  I was so filled with joy as I twirled it all around me.

Jesus began to walk back and forth to the right of me with His hands clasped behind his back, back and forth against a length of the inverted glory bubble shield.  He became serious in His expressions, directive in His tones, He said to me,

“You come back here to me as often as you need to, you come here, in glory, and be filled with My glory, you come in here and be filled, you take everything you need, all of it, everything you possibly can need, be filled with it….” and then He turned to face the gross darkness and He continued to say, “and you go out there and you pour My glory, everything I have given you, you pour it out onto and into the people in gross darkness, and you bring those in gross darkness back here to live with me forever!!”

He was filling me with things, He was putting things inside of me, things I need.  He repeated His instructions in the most intense almost pleading of voices,

“You come back here to me as often as you need to, you come here, in glory, and be filled with My glory, you come in here and be filled, you take everything you need, all of it, everything you possibly can need, be filled with it….” and then He turned again to face the gross darkness and He continued to say as fiercely as before, “and you go out there and you pour My glory, everything I have given you, you pour it out onto and into the people  in gross darkness, and you bring those in gross darkness back here to live with me forever!!”

I truly thought the Lord Jesus Christ was speaking to just me at that moment, but when I looked across the field to the right, I saw every single person in DTM Church that morning, every single person, the Body of Christ, in glory, receiving armor, His banner of love over them, being filled with everything God had for them and they too were receiving instructions from Jesus Christ Himself to “come back here to me as often as you need to, you come here, in glory, and be filled with My glory, you come in here and be filled, you take everything you need, all of it, everything you possibly can need, be filled with it….” and then He turned to face the gross darkness and He continued to say to each person, “and you go out there and you pour My glory, everything I have given you, you pour it out onto and into the people in gross darkness, and you bring those in gross darkness back here to live with me forever!!”

It is written, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:19 KJV).

How we so need to be in glory – once in glory, just stay there and function from those realms – all of us!!  I prophecy the Body of Christ lives and operates out of the realms of in glory in Jesus’ name!!  This is for all of His people in the earth everywhere – to His beautiful Church! His Bride! Come up higher, come up higher Church, come up higher Bride, come up… glory!!!  We have much to do for the Bridegroom cometh quickly!!









Pearl of Great Price

Oh my, Lord, please keep me upright so I can express what it is You are showing me.  You are so powerful and wonderful, I don’t know how to contain the force of Your power and love that are crashing into me! Pour into those who will read this Jesus!

Earlier this week, as pouring myself a cup of coffee, suddenly Jesus appeared on a horse.  He rode into the room where I was standing.  He just rode right in.  He literally came in, it was a suddenly!! He arrived on His majestic horse, an outstanding creature, powerful, beautiful, regal.  The horse was chestnut brown in color and covered with a royal purple blanket under it’s saddle, decorated in yellow gold and dark brown leathers. The saddle was beautiful.

Jesus was smiling so wide, happy to see me! His horse was prancing a bit to the left and right, back and forth, happily neighing. Jesus was sitting very straight in the saddle, just beaming down at me actually.  He was laughing and He filled the room with His size and presence.  The room disappeared and we were outside in a large field.  It was Jesus, His horse and me! I was so surprised to see Him at this particular moment that I became instantly glory drunk.  His very presence is intoxicating, my natural senses are unable to withstand His presence which seems to emanate thousands of earth miles out of His body, knocking everything down, mountains become plains, enemies scatter, Oh glory to God! We so need a glorified body in that day because what we have here in the natural just will never do.

I am standing in this large field in the greenest of grass, mountains in the distance, vibrant blue skies. I focus in front of me and look up and there’s Jesus Christ, King Jesus Christ, so very handsome and strong, oh how my heart beats so much faster when I look upon Him.  I love you Jesus! Today, He did not look like Jesus of Nazareth, I mean He did, but He was wearing different attire, riding attire.  It was very fitting since He was, after all, riding a horse! Ha! Horses dance in heaven, they do, I have watched them!

As I’m standing on the ground before Him, He extended down His right hand towards me. I saw He was wearing what looked like riding gloves.  In the palm of His right hand, He was holding the most perfect, beautiful, pure, smooth, opalescent rather large pearl. It was beautiful! I noticed how very very smooth it was, it was noticeably smooth.  The pearl was nestled in a beautiful piece of cloth in His hand. I instantly knew it was the pearl of great price. I have not seen it’s beauty anywhere before! Anywhere!!

I heard deep inside of me the richest of words with great weight, meaning, and depth. Each word spoken opened up layers of revelation. The very words He speaks, each word, is alive, forever!!  His words resonated within the very core of my being.  I heard, “the Kingdom of heaven is likened unto a treasure hid in a field, that when a man finds it, he hid it and went and sold all he had to buy that field.”  I then saw inside of me the words “the Kingdom of heaven is likened to a merchant seeking goodly pearls who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all he had and bought it.” (Matthew 13:44-46 KJV.)

I stared at that beautiful pearl in Jesus’ hand, He held it up a bit and then lowered it so I could see the varying colors it displayed as it would be gently turned in His hand. I had to have that pearl. I saw inside of me the glory realms, King Jesus lives in me, the Kingdom of heaven is within me, His Kingdom’s reign, rule, authority, beauty, freedom, righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Ghost is within me through Christ alone! The promised land, inside of me, that the Kingdom of heaven is likened unto a pearl of great price. I just had to have that pearl.

Jesus became very silent, very serious. The horse, unmoving, His hand extended toward me as He held that pearl of great price. He was presenting it to me for purchase.  He was watching me to see what I would do, would I sell all that I had to purchase that pearl? I realized in my outward silence that He could hear my internal conversation. I thought about the selling of everything that I owned to purchase that pearl.  This meant, all those I love, my children, my family, my friends, my objects, assets, liabilities, mindsets, memories, future plans, ministry plans, my time, everything, my ego, all of it, had to be sold to purchase that pearl of great price.  Jesus continued to look at me.  I continued to look at that pearl of great price, it was so beautiful, I had to have it.

In those moments, I presented all I am and all I am not to Him.  I sold it all to Jesus to purchase that pearl of great price.  He made the exchange with me, He took what was mine, or what I considered mine, because it is all really His anyway, and then He handed that pearl of great price to me saying, with a smile, “It’s now yours.”

I took the pearl from His hands into mine.  It was so big and so beautiful! Instantly, He scooped me up with one arm and lifted me up onto His saddle in front of Him, I never let go of that pearl.  My back fit perfectly against His chest. I felt so contently content, happy, dreamy, warm, thrilled knowing inside I made the best purchase one could ever make.  I held that pearl so close to me, I want to say I ate it because I felt it enter within my spirit. I felt the Kingdom of heaven inside of me.  It entered my being. My insides grew, I felt my lands expand inside of me, my territories enlarged, my tent pegs spread out farther, my spirit man soared higher, wider, just becoming more of everything in Christ!  I felt increase in me!! I cannot imagine ever exchanging this beautiful precious pearl of great price for anything or anyone.  Lord Jesus, YOU are the pearl of great price, YOU are my greatest treasure, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in me as it is in heaven!

We rode the horse together with me leaning against His chest for quite some time as Jesus revealed more of His word to me, He revealed more of Himself to me.  He revealed more of His Kingdom realities into me releasing revelatory revelation, power and breakthrough of wisdom and counsel.  I physically sat in the counsel of the Lord, I leaned against Him, in His arms, while He counseled me!